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louisiana bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bentley, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. what yall smoking on im in baton rouge and i have alil purple urkel , heavy duty frutiy and sume good unknown
  2. purp $500 oz heavy duty fruity $400 oz
  3. Haha...and all my buddies tell me BR is dry. I'm smoking the last of unknown organic headies. Not too far from BR.
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    lafayette, ak47, trainwreck, purple, orange. not all from the city though
  5. saw the purp last week, heard about the ak but didn't go see it.

    Last few weeks it was the purp, grapefruit, berry blast, and a few other things. And of course the various diesels that are always in the area. Today it's black berry.

    I pay 4-ish an O for anything. Well really about 210 a half honestly. It lasts me about 2weeks and then something new is usually around.

    Haven't been hanging out much with anyone. I don't know what else is out there.
  6. I wish I could get variety like that in Lafayette. The herb I get is great, but mostly all the same.

  7. Since I moved and came back, it seems like things changed. I find a huge variety in laffy now a days and price and quality is way better than it used to be down here.
  8. Damn we got trainwreck and ak in louisiana? Imma have to come to laffayyette sometimes. Im in hammond all we got is some no name good like 20 a g stuff. 100 a quarter. Tons of purp goin around kenner/metairie 400 an ounce. And friend knows a local grower who doesnt sell and is getting some beast God Bud so bout to get a quarter of that for 120.
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    I can get some really good purply purp in baton rouge for like 130/quarter. wish i could get some for cheaper : /
  10. Things in uptown new orleans couldnt be more shitty. There was a bust so no big dealers are dealing any dank. All you can get mainly is mid. It sucks especially since my tolerence in really high. I end up smoking a gram to get me nice a baked. Dank out of my bong is usually 1-2 bowls and im great. Hopefully the dank will be back
  11. lol northen LA here..

    shit sucks!
  12. Thats not too bad around here. Qs of good normally 140. I can get 10 gs for 130 only cuz i know the guy.
  13. haha i moved from btr a while ago, guys, head to LSu and the apts, man everyone grows around there. i used to pay 280 a zip for closet grown dutch genetics. seriously like 10% of the apts round campus have grow closests, if you aint finding it, you aint looking right. BTW I now live way outta state.
  14. I live in D.S. $140 a Q is the best I could find... that's why I have a closet full of WW now.....
  15. Yeah but most shit I find out at LSU is usually overpriced. Way overpriced.
  16. wow.. you guys are paying wayy too much down in southern US up here in Canada an oz. of some real good dank shit is about $220

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