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  1. Does anyone know where I can get the louis vuitton print bong. There have been a few other posts about this but no real answers I think they come in four colors but not really sure

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  2. ooooo that is a nice looking bong.
  3. Wiz khalifa's bong.... I'm pretty sure its an illadelph bong
  4. In all honesty, the ones I've seen (including Wiz's) have just looked like mass-produced China crap to me. Imo, you'd be better off investing in something that functions well and/or is a piece of art.

    If your heart's set on going for the whole Taylor Gang vibe, though, can't really give you any advice other than to just look around at a few headshops. One probably wouldn't cost you much.
  5. theyre not made by illadelph or any other name brand as far as i know. i looked into it a while back. some guy here on gc had a few of em and shipped em out to ppl. they have a black one at my lhs for $200. a little expensive for some china glass. though it is cool none the less
  6. ^ pretty much sums it up.
  7. china?
    joking aside JOP 's LV vibe is much tighter.
  8. I would def buy that if it was sold online for 200 but i want the ashcatcher too....
  9. There is a LV Custom RooR at The Pipefitter in Madison, Wi.

    Come get it out of that case. I want something better to look at.:cool:
  10. They are mass produced China bongs. I've seen a few at a local headshop for $190 back when I went to headshops that haucked shitty china daily.
  11. lol if your looking for a classy piece of glass look at Toro, Sg, SGW, Vertigo, etc etc lots of high end glass out there.

  12. Damn, I just walked by there the other day, interested to see on in person. I'm sure the staff would like to see it gone as well, I know a couple of them don't really like having roors in store
  13. Sick bong bro, how much it set u back?
  14. those bongs are trash..dont get one just because wiz has one. he smokes more than i can afford on the daily, but doesnt know shit about pipes probably. just thinks it looks cool

  15. So you just read titles and look at pics?
  16. hahahha. seriously, did he not even read anything

  17. wiz knows about good glass.look at this vertigo he has.
  18. Guilty. Haha jokes on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Looks like it, don't it Einstein

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