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    These Plants are in soil Under a 430 watt T5 but i am only using half right now, The bigge one is green crack and the others are white widow, I will keep it updated,thanks

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  2. so i think I will be settling for a 600 w hps with cooltube and shade. I am going to revamp the setup and will have pics up soon
  3. The 600w will def give your room a big boost haha cant wait to see the upgrade.
    Keep Tokin
  4. yeah I am excited to be able to have seperate flower/veg rooms, it should make everything alot easier for me.
  5. Are you going to be going with CFL or MH for your veg side?
  6. Im using my 8 bulb HO T5 for the veg side.Thats what im using right now, i havent had a chance to bud all the way through with it and am curious to see how it works,but I know it wont compare to the HPS,
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    hey so I got new pics of the plants they are looking good and healthy but i think are still getting used to the light and havent taken off yet.
    and for the pictures

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  8. some more pictures , thinking the yellowing on some new growth on one of the clones might be a slight N deficiency?? If anyone can identify let me know as some of the plants have yellowing leaves and the bigger plant has lost a few bototm leaves due to yellowing and drying up and falling off. I water every other day with 1 tbsp. Bigfoot veg. per 2L of water(half strength)

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  9. wow tough to get any tips or replies around here, i saw some gnats or fruit flies flying around the plants today, how can i get rid of these, i heard potato slices on top of soil might work well??

  10. Gnats and flys? Gnats, may be brought in by mold or carbohydrates (sweet stuff like molassas), they are harmless to the plants but annoying as hell, Pest strips, flushing, and good old hand clapping them into dust i think is better then pesticides, though it will take a while. They may have been from your last grow (clean better between grows and use bleach) or came in attracted to light (block the light!)
  11. The media blocks (without the hydroton) attracts gnats big time, or at least the mold that grows on it....covering them with the hydroton will lessen the attaction..
  12. will be updating later today
  13. so still waiting on a bunch of shit before this is fully set up, still need exhaust fan,filter,mylar,combo pen,water filter,another flood table, and choosing between flora 3 part and canna nutrients,any ideas??

    here is an update on the clones they are now about 2 weeks old since they rooted.The green crack momma is in there too once she gives up 5 or 6 clones i am going to let her fill out again and flower it with some of the widow.

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    noticed the plants looked like they may not be liking to nutes too much,,one of the younger ones has some demented new growth and nothing is growing too quickly. here are some picutres(I had to tie down the bigger one a bit cause its a little too close to the light(t5).I just fed them with 2 tbsp/gallon of bigfoot veg(1/2 strength)It was there first feeding in 4 waterings..here are some pics..

    -1st pic is the healthy soil girls,makes me question my choice of switching to hydro as they are doing much better then the other two IMO
    -4th can see some browning on the new growth on the bigger Green Crack
    -5th picture is some browning on one of the WW fan leafs.
    -Top pleaves folding into a V shape(deficiency or overfed?)
    -8th picture isthe demented new growth altough you probably cant see it due to shitty camera.(sorry)

    thanks for looking and info would be great

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  15. lookin good
  16. any opinions on the browning of he new growths or spotting leaves??
  17. the soil plants look so much happier then the ones in rockwool, too bad I already bought the flood table,pumps,and res. :mad:

    I guess it doesnt help that they are being hand watered and arent really truly being run in a hydro setup(yet), but it just sucks to see that the soil are doing better when i have dumped all this money into hydro...

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