Loudgeek SaltyDawg OG & Naturally Royal genetics C-99

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    Got a fan on em. Blowing low speed. Also got 11L pots to go up next.

    Anyone ever used either seed company's? Can't see much online.

    Loudgeek SaltyDawg OG & Naturally Royal genetics C-99

    New grow
    First time

    Looking for some advice and tips along the way

    5 x cindys 4 x saltys

    Got them in a room. Black and white.

    Currently just over a week old.
    Using biobizz allmix and grow, bloom and topmax. Haven't started them yet. The babys are still on the formulex.

    Got a 400 & 600 dual spec light
    Got em under the 400 at minute. About 2m away.

    Have a look and tell me what ya think

    Got inline and outline fans too just not using them at minute

    Cheersssss IMG_4605.JPG IMG_4606.JPG IMG_4607.JPG

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