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"loud" strain?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by srsbznss, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. So exactly what is "loud"? Apparently in some places it's weed that's doused in gasoline? Some place it's just slang for really good weed and others it's slang for really shitty weed? My dealer talks about it as if it's its own particular strain, like she'll sell me a dimebag of loud. I'd say its alright weed, not particularly dank or bad but it has a pretty nice, strong smell and gives me an alright high. I live in Maryland, btw. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
  2. the only time i hear someone mention "loud" is smoking on some "loudpack" some really dank weed
  3. never heard of "loud" in my life
  4. Its just low dank/ high mids that they try to sell for more by calling it "loud" meaning fire.

  5. :rolleyes: Yeah they douse weed in gas because it's about to hit $4 / gallon...

    "Loud" is a adjective to describe good dank buds.
  6. Dousing bud in gasoline?

    Please see avatar.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. @ARandom

    XD hahahahahaha funny shit +rep xD
  9. I haven't seen that "I see what you did there" pic yet :laughing:
  10. It was the first result in google images :D
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    im from baltimore loud is just an alternative word for dank...lmao
  12. Dont smoke something doused in anything.

    Ive always head the term loud in reference to color or smell, so thats what I would imagine he means. A "loud" smell would be an intense, vibrant smell and the same goes for color.
  13. I just moved from Maryland to Texas last month and "loud" meant dank where I used to live.
  14. I guess dank is the general consensus then. But my dealer mainly sells "loud" and "reggie" both for the same price. But reggie is just supposed to be mids/average. Haha whatever then -_-
  15. in the atlanta area loud is dank. as good as any around here
  16. "loud" is just another way of saying dank, used a lot in the DMV area (DC metropolitan area) i live in northern VA/bethesda md, wale raps about that shit all the time, sometimes "loudpack" is used to mean a bowl/blunt of loud weed
  17. Doused in gas? Really? REALLY?!?! that shit might as well be gold, so think.. Would u sell weed laced with gold for normal price?? Would u??
  18. I can't think of a better idea than dousing something I'm going to smoke in gasoline....
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    I prefer to fill my room with pure hydrogen when I spark up, the hydrogen gets me high and so does my weed
  20. ive heard people say that on here ive never heard that in real life though im gonna start saying it lol thats sounds cool as fuck "yo we just faced a fatty of some straight LOUD son!"
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