Loud cracks after an arm bar

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by AzizOnDeck, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So my friend had me in an arm bar and as I was trying to slip out of it both my friend and I hear loud cracks from my elbow, like the sound that your knuckles make when you crack them, and now when I extend it I can feel excruciating pain, especially if I twist it slightly outwards.

    Should I get it checked out or should I just ice it and leave it be?
    Also what do you guys think it is?
  2. first question you have to ask yourself is there any swelling in the area it hurts? Next question is are you able to rotate it from side to side. like hold your arm straight with your other hand and move your wrist left to right. if you aren't able to move where that joint is you might have slightly dislocated your elbow or pulled the tendons connecting your joints or pulled a muscle. If that's so you might want to sling your arm up for about a week and ice it periodically.

    however, if there is immediate swelling in the area it hurts and if the swelling is making it hard for you to move your elbow, its most likely broken or fractured and you should probably go see a doctor.
  3. No swelling but, if I extend it out and rotate it's hard to fight the pain without it feeling like it's wanting to pop. And you mean sling it up as in like a cast sling?

    Thank you btw I appreciate the help!
  4. Hope it's nothing serious .....
  5. can you fully extend it and bring it back like your doing an arm curl? its hard to know exactly what part you fucked up cos i can't see but if you can fully extend it and bring it back its not dislocated.

    you're friend was keeping your arm straight while you where tugging on it so it seems to me you pulled your muscles and tendons too far and now their stressed.

    and i mean just keep it elevated in one place out of harms way with a sling, don't put much stress on it or the pain will linger for awhile.

    hope that helps!
  6. I can't fully extend but I can bring it back in like I'm doing an arm curl with bearable pain. And I'll probably end up checking up with the doc tomorrow if pain is worse but for now I've been icing it ever since I got home.
  7. yea man if you cant extend it all the way go get it checked out to be on the safe side, could be dislocated
  8. Will do, I'll end up getting my fist checked out well as i used it to punch a wall out of anger. Fml... lol thanks for the help!

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