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Loud Ass Popups

Discussion in 'General' started by Ska, Feb 11, 2011.


    They scare me and piss me off. Sometimes they'll escape through adblock or I won't have it on, and I'll have my speakers up loud and shit, all the sudden it's like :eek:

    I cannot be alone in this.
  2. Oh god I despise them as well. Goddamn them for trying to reel us in with sound, as if the fucking flashing wasn't enough. Ruins a good tune. Fuckem.
  3. I hate the hot and sexy singles ones, because I have my volume up pretty loud most of the time.
  4. has any one ever followed those links? do you ever win?
  5. popup blocker

    I also have scriptblockers for those incredibly annoying ads with that cyber person talking
  6. #7 Ska, Feb 12, 2011
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    Haha I do, but sometimes I'm just not using Firefox for some reason. It has been a godsend, though. :D

    Anyone can 'win' the prizes in those pop-ups and they are legit, just be prepared to bill your credit card with 30 different subscriptions to companies (blockbuster, magazines, lotions, random shit) to end up paying 1/10th less of what it would actually cost in stores. Then the fun part is trying to get through customer service to cancel those assload of subscriptions on your credit card.
  7. You guys go on some sketchy sites....

    The only site I go that has popups is pornhub and they aren't loud, usually really quite.

    FireFox is the slowest POS browser out there.

    Chrome is the only way.
  8. mozilla firefox + adblock plus = no ads ever
  9. Can't dispute any of that.:smoke:
  10. Yea I love how everyone on youtube complains that every video has ads. I've never seen one yet. :hello:

  11. Whatever lol

  12. Rofl Suuure. :D:smoke:
  13. Rofl Suuure. :D:smoke:[/quote]
    He's just too high all the time to realize they're called ads.
  14. No dude, you seriously dont get ads on youtube when you run ad block plus.

    The browser only does so much with internet speed. if your internet is noticeably slower, its most likely the connection.
  15. I still get them, maybe I'm not doing something right... and 25Mbit/s FiOS connection.
  16. Did you add the easy list too your add block plus? It tells the add blocker to block the youtube ads. (Its the first one, EasyList)
    The Official EasyList Website
  17. No actually I do know what the advertisements are on Youtube, I just never see them anymore cause of Ad Blocker Plus. Try it for yourself. Even most porn sites have the ads blocked, it's definitely my favorite add-on.
  18. Ad Blocker Plus is the best thing to ever happen to the internet. It completely revolutionized my web browsing experience.

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