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  1. It is 11:22 at my house in Toronto I am sitting here reading grasscity and of course posting this. As I read grasscity there are 3 annoying flies in my house that buzz and they go by your ear as to say "fuck you, you can't catch me. It's been 20 minutes I have spent trying to kill these flies but to no avail as they are too fast. I have tried using a news paper and waiting for it to land on an object but it has not landed. I have given up..

    Anyone hate these flys? How do I kill it?

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    I like to kill flies with a lighter. Takes some skill and you gotta be quick but you can burn those mother fuckers alive as they fly by your head. Just keep your bic close and be ready.
  3. You don't have any fly spray? :/
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    It's that time of year so there are flies all over in the department of the grocery I work at. I usually kill 1 to 5 a shift with my bare hands. Unless the flies here are dumb as shit they are pretty damn easy to kill. Put some food out in the kitchen. But cover it so they can't get diseases and shit on it. Then just stand by the food with your hand in the air stiff as as arrow ready to kill. If they are those big flies they should randomly land on the table/countertop and if you are fast enough, you will get those bastards. 
  5. They all must die. :devious:
  6. Wait for them to land on you and then wack the shit outta them...you will get the last fuck you
  7. I got one when it landed the other 2 are in my room and I have work in 6 hours -.- I need sleep
  8. I got one when it landed the other 2 are in my room and I have work in 6 hours -.- I need sleep
  9. What you do is get a propane bottle with a torch thing on the end, open that shit up and fry those mofos on the walls.
  10. Hahaha this shit enraged me! there would always be one fly that i imagined having a trollface glued to it's head buzzin by me. Ugh it took so long to kill them it's like they can warp through quantum space at any time and appear somewhere else!
  11. bro if you concentrate you can catch them in your hand

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