Lotus n Citizen Cope at The Vogue in Indianapolis

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  1. Who from here is going to check out Lotus and Citizen Cope at The Vogue in Broad Ripple? Lotus is there thursday, february 18 and citizen cope is tuesday, march 2nd. if anyone is going, we should smoke out before hand. let me know who's going!!
  2. Lotus concerts are always fun. If anyone on the east coast has ever gotten skittles from a guy at a Lotus show, it was probably me.
  3. So u gonna be there that night? They're badass man. I saw them at Rothbury last year and I totally converted to them over Sound Tribe. Bisco n Lotus are the 2 best electronica bands. I also like Future Rock n Particle tho too.
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    Dunno. I generally don't plan ahead for most concerts, just go where the waves take me. But if you go and someone gives you some skittles, means I prolly went. I like STS9 and Lotus equally, with Bisco falling shortly behind both. They're still great, though. As far as electronic music goes, though, Shpongle and Younger Brother are the best of the best. Simon Posford is one of godfathers of psy-trance, and a musical genius by every definition.

    I'm more of a jam band kinda guy, but I definitely enjoy this stuff too.

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