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lots of weed to short break =depression

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by FrankDaTank89, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. #1 FrankDaTank89, Aug 8, 2008
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    so, I have basically been stuck here at summer school for the past 5 weeks. I thought before I came here that it would be awesome going back to school, but forgot one major thing. all of my friends are gone for the summer. so basically, I have been going to class and sitting in my room on my computer. Met a new friend with a new hook up as well, and I get to chill with him every now and then, but other then that, not shit to do except chill on my computer. I have been smoking a lot, and have noticed that after a few days of just beeing high constantly, and then i run out of weed, and start my come down, i just start feeling really depressed.

    like most of the time i would go out of town and chill and smoke all weekend at a friends house, but the drive back, and that sunday nite in my room would just be so depressing to know that I had a week full of class along with just sitting in my room, and possibly a lot of soberness. I have been smoking for a year, and I have never really known what ture depression was until this. It only last for the come down of my last toke till whenever i toke next/whenever i go to bed. when i wake up im fine. like i spent the last 3 or 4 days smoking at least once or twice everyday, and got stoned for the last time at like 5:30 and its now 9:30, and i just feel real tired and depressed. just stuck in this little 8' by 10' room on my computer with nothing to do.

    summer school is over next monday for me, so thank god, then I have another 2 weeks before fall semester starts up, so i should start to see familiar faces around.

    anyways, just wondering if anyone has ever had any epxerineces like this. I read a few other ones about weed and depression, but they all seemed to be about getting depressed while you are high. i feel great when im high, but as soon as that come down hits, and if i have been smoking kind of a lot for the past few days, then bam, it hits. maybe its the fact about school, or the fact that i personally just shouldn't smoke weed on a daily basis (defiantly will always be on a 3-4 day thing at the least no matter what, cant deal without that.), or maybe a combination of both, not sure.
  2. I get minor depression/boredness after doing something fun for 3-4 days and then go back to normal shit that I always do.
  3. Same thing happens to me man. As you get older i think it will go away, more freedom. If not just smoke on weekend or every 3-4 days.
  4. yea, that is true. haven't thought about that. always had that my whole life, but it seems like on those come downs, jut sitting here on my computer, well its just bad. never had feelings for suicide or anything though, but i will say, that it has only every happened this bad during this summer, and only since i started summer school at the begging of jully, and only when i try and take a break from smoking. didn't know if that was something that was natural to have, or if its just my shitty feeling being intinisfied with the come down, and knowing there is no more weed. dont know, but its about 11;30 right now, and i actually feel pretty back to normal.
  5. i think its jsut summer school sux and everyone hates it
  6. I have been in the same situation.. Smoked constantly for a few days, then run out of weed and its hard to find something thats fun to do -- the things you did before now seem boring.

    Until like 3-4 days of a break.. Then you feel normal again :p.

    My solution: dont smoke everday.. Smoke once a week or maybe just on the weekend.
    Or you could just stay high all the time. :p
  7. haha, i think ill just toke up 24/7. if i seriously had the money (which i might, because as of right now all i have to pay for is gas, and i got a dank job at a reasturant to work) i would buy dank all the time and smoke it.
  8. Word, smoke weed erry day.

    But try to keep your tolerancy low, or just smoke a ton and take breaks every now and then
  9. Yea take like a month break if u been smoking a while and it will be like the first time u got high.
  10. maybe your just getting burned out. to help this i like to keep hydrated and i'll take a nap if i'm tired. caffeine helps too.
  11. It sounds like you're more depressed over the fact that you have nothing to do and you're bored. You're missing your friends and just chill in your puter all day. The weed makes that seem fun, but once you come down you're returning to baseline.

    Sounds like you need to get out and expand your social network, meet more friends, go get drunk and talk to random people. Physical exercise would also be great for your depression.

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