Lots of rainfall, how will it affect my watering?

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  1. It rains almost every day here for a little bit and we average 4 inches a month in past years but like I said it rains almost daily here.

    It doesn't rain all day though. How will this effect my watering?
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    Someone told me to feel the dirt about 1-2inches down around the plant. If it's bone dry it needs watering. Honestly, if you have rain (even a little) every day I doubt you need to water at all. Unless she's getting pretty big.
  3. same wit me, just dont water unless it stops more than a few days, my girls are all 5-6 ft atm
  4. Dude it's been raining here everyday too. And I think it's stunting one of my plants :[ too much water!!!
  5. Shit has it been raining everywhere? Nothing but rain for 5 days now here. Once the sun comes out they are gonna grow fast as hell though.
  6. Test the ph of the rain, if it anything like my rain, it will be a high ph. This is not good for the plants.
    If they are in pots, i would take them in when it rains and only water with the correct ph water.
    If that's not posable I would water between rains with something to bring the ph down.
    Even though I grow outside, i grow in air pots for the to more air to the roots.
  7. How does rainfall affect feeding though?
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    Depending on how much rain in inches, it would flush some of the nutes out of the soil or whatever they are in.
    You need to tell me what they are planted in before i can be more informative.
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    They're in the ground in garden soil with perlite and lime.
  10. check with 2 inches down as poster above said. Rain will stunt growth but if you have an airy mix it'll go through it and not rot the roots and not affect the plant too much. But when it rains, there is no sun so less growth is logical too.
    If you got enough nutes in the soil (meals, manures, guanos etc...) they'll leach out but not all, you can always top dress with manure, castings, kelp etc... If yourre feeding liquid food then it'll be harder to feed and they will leach faster. (Top dress with horse shit and you're good to go)

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