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  1. Its been raining here for 3 days now and tomorrow and the next day are suppose to rain too. I took my plants and put them inside a tipped over barrel outside to shelter them from the rain. But what should I do about light? Will they be ok in there for a couple more days without any sunlight?
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    no they wont be ok without light
    plants love light and rain
    i vote to leave em out in the rain if you dont have light for em
    this plant was a week and a half old when it went through crazy rain and wind storms.
    the pic was taken the next day.
    edited to say you could come up with a clear covering like an upside down rubbermaid or something if you want, but the rain wont kill em if you have drainage holes.

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  3. man, my 2 inch Afghan Kush sprout survived 2 or 3 weeks of rain and wind...

    I named it Les Stroud, aka survivorman :D
  4. yes even tho its cloudy and rainy the sun still shines quite stronge thru the rain clouds...
    2 or 3 weeks of rain means no water'in only furts:wave:
    also watch your ph levels in your soil
  5. yeah im glad this rain is comin in right now. means less work on me. im sure there will be a shit load of sun once this rain roles through.:hello:
  6. ive also notice'd that the rain seems to wash the stink away a lil bit..
    i gave her a shakin last night to get the water out of her. and notice'd that my arm smell'd like a skunk:hello:
  7. Well the dirt i used dosent seem to drain well. I was thinking about just making a little saran wrap tent for it

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