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  1. Is there a range of watts that plants could grow in? Best soil to grow in? How often do you water your plants? How do you know when to transplant them? How much extra has your electricity bill went up? Any other useful information would help

  2. There are permanent posts at the top of this beginner's section that you should read. Successful first time growers have done their homework. People may throw some answers at you here but the thing to do is educate yourself before you start. It's really fascinating how this plant grows.
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    Start by reading this, they will answer a lot of your questions.


    The use the search function for things like "best soil", "what type of lights", "when to water", or 'electricity cost". Every one of these questions has been answered many, many times.

    Not trying to be an ass, but this is your best route. Some things are purely a matter of opinion, or completely subjective to your resources and goals. Coming back with some base knowledge and more specific questions will get you a lot more answers. There are quite a few great growers here, but some of them understandably get tired of answering the same questions several times a week when the information is already there for the finding.

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