Lots of plants.1 light.

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  1. I have losts of plants under 1 light.like 25 under 1- 400 watt mh. I was wondering what is the technique for flowering this many and removing males???? Also they are going to have to be grown smaller so that i can flower all of them but I am wondering how big they should be when flowered????

    Experieced growerd lend me a hand please...
  2. gotta, say, not a very good plant to grow that many plant without being sure what sex they are, unless you're trying to grow some shwag. Only way to remove the males, is to remove the males... Start flowering them, then go through, one by one, and remove all the males, being careful not to disturb them enough to release pollen in your grow are.

    If you're trying to flower 25 plants with one 400W, put them as close together as you can, get some mylar and just SOG them. If you're gonna SOG, I believe youre supposed to flower when the plants are still pretty small, like <15 inches.

  3. If you can fit all of those 25 in a 6x6 area and then rotate them so that they get equal lighting then you might be able to do it.
  4. cut a clone off every plant , and label them the same as the mother.
    If you clone well you could flower the clones in 2-3 days but to be
    sure wait 2 weeks and then flower. whatever the clone is the mother is
  5. Okay so heres your problem, you have 25 plants, if you flower them all, you won't have anything to grow with next time. Unless your doing a one time grow, I'd take clones like bravo said, get some healthy mothers going. this way you can safely eliminate your males, and get a good system going where you could be harvesting 6-7 plants every two weeks, forever,
    If your just growing one time. flower them now.(im assuming they are atleast like 2 weeks old?) it's never to early and if you got 25 plants under one light, you need to do some serious SOG research and focus on colas. Check your plans twice a day, 1st thing in the morning and a little before they go to sleep, this way you can spot males early and remove them before they can cause any harm. Good luck man keep us updated!:smoke::smoke:

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