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Lots of phlegm with resin in it? (a while after tokin)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by temperamental69, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Hey all... Long story short, I've been smokin for about 10 years now, with little to no issues. Over the past 5 years, I've smoked purely out of a small little parachute, roughly a foot in length from a small water bottle. It makes some dirty tokes.

    My question is.. I've never really noticed it before over the period of my smoking until a lot recently.. But even up to a few hours after I smoke, whenever I clear my throat or cough, there is a lot of brownish-resin looking stuff in it. It's not blood, I've seen that before so I know what that is. It's the same as if you take a really dirty toke from a bong, and then cough up the resin. Only I don't taste resin (as it's a few hours after) and it's not as thick totally (probably because it's broken down a bit over the hours).

    Anyone else have/get this?
  2. used to happen to me when i smoked a shit loadof blunts, but not ever since i switched to vaporizing and bong rips
  3. get a vaporizor.
  4. time for a t break bro, you'll cough all that shit up and you're lungs will feel a lot better. I was in the same situation until i stopped for a week and coughed up about a kilo of dirty phlegm. I would also stop using ur home made ghetto shit cuz thats so bad for you. Just buy a glass bong/pipe or a vaporizer
  5. this guy is right.

    i cough alot even if i dont smoke alot so i have to take t breaks often. when i stop, i cough all that nasty shit up and am fine in a few days. then start smokin again and the cycle repeats. too bad vapes are too much $ :(
  6. yeah i'll agree with above, i had the same probably when i was smoking alot of blunts.. it didnt even matter if i had smoked recently.. every so often i would cough, and it would be a phlegmy cough with brown chunks in it... basically, smokers cough.

    as said above, i bought myself a volcano (best investment ever) and a roor, and havent had a problem since (took probably a month of not smoking any paper materials for the brown coughing to end.. now every so often when i smoke a blunt i'll get that brown stuff, but only right after smoking.)
  7. I don't have acute bronchitis. It only happens after I smoke. For example, I went off weed for 2 days and didn't cough barely at all, and when I did, there was either no phlegm or there was nothing but a little clear phlegm. As soon as I started smokin, I get the brown chunks. It looks exactly like when you take a big dirty bong hit, and cough up the resin. Only it happens then, and a few hours after smoking.

    I've also noticed that I sometimes get a slight burn feeling right before I get the urge to cough, simliar to acid reflux feeling (I happen to be diagnosed with GERD too )

    It has to be from my homemade parachute, I know they're horrible and I should strongly invest in a vaporizer.
  8. Happens to me,I tihnk it may be from smoking imo.

  9. parachute? that like a lung?
  10. For a more exact diagnosis; speak to your Doctor, thats why they got to school for 10 f-in years!

    I would say, its a good thing that you're caughing that shit up... I would think it means that the cilia in your lungs are still alive and doing their job. Once you smoke long enough all of the cilia will be dead and you'll get the wheezing caugh with no phlegm.

    The only good thing is that cilia can regenerate so if you ever quit smoking they will come back and continue to clean your lungs for you. Thats why when you stop for a period of time, you caugh up a lot of strange looking fluids.
  11. Yeah I got absolutely no wheezing. I have noticed a lower capacity for air in my lungs, but that's basically because of my constant bong tokes probably. And to the person that asked, yea, a parachute is exactly a lung, I just call it a parachute because the people that introduced me to it called it that. So it stuck.

    I have narrowed it down myself to the weed resin, since it's actually not a brownish-red tinge in color, it's actually exactly the same color as the inside of your bong would get, and it's broken up into little pieces as if I was coughing up weed chunks, rather than mucusy brown stuff mixed in.

    This morning I woke up and was fine, about an hour after I woke up I coughed once and the brown phlegm came up as usual, but after that I didn't cough for a few hours, until I smoked actually. And when I forced myself to cough to check the phlegm, it was absolutely clear with NO signs of any other color in it whatsoever.
  12. Hmmmmmm... chunks eh... (GanjaMonster thinks for a sec), that can't be good man... could be pieces of your lung but I surely aint a doctor but I'll ask you this; doe the smoke burn your throat when you inhale? You know, similar to the feeling of smoking from a pop can when you were a kid?

    I know a little bit about this, not from a science point of view just experience. When you smoke from a vaporizer of course you are getting all of the goods (THC) without the bads (tar, carbon monoxide, etc) this is the most ideal way to get high for the health concious individual. When you smoke from a water bong, some of the bads are filtered out (if you have fresh water in there... I notice most kids rarely change their bong water) but the smoke is also cooled down, especially when you put ice cubes in the water. The cooler smoke is smoother on your lungs and WAY less harmful to your respirtory system. Joints burn a hot smoke similar to a cigarette and filters out nothing which is why joints near the end are very harsh and EXTREMELY damaging to your health.

    All I recommend is that you stop using your parachute and get a decent water bong or vaporizer. You have been smoking for 10 years, that is a long time, it is time to start thinking bout your health bro...
  13. Dark brown phlegm could be an early warning sign of bronchitis or pneumonia. You might want to have it checked out by a doctor, just tell him you smoke ciggs and he'll probably offer you solutions as to how to rid yourself of this.
  14. I would tell him the whole truth/story, like how you're smoking Marijuana from a home made pipe... its the only way he'll be able to give you an accurate prognosis.

    Doctors are obliged to keep everything you tell them 100% confidential.
  15. I'll make an appointment regardless for the doctor and let him know anyways, just because I have to go for my yearly physical anyways when I go home next. Problem is I live out of the city where my family doctor is (best to go to him than just a walk in clinic anyways) so I have to wait a week or so.

    In the mean time, I took the previous posters advice and made a homemade water bong. I didn't touch my homemade parachute and I didn't once cough up anything with any colors in it all day, night, or this morning and including now. I had the regular cough from taking a toke, which wasn't that harsh, but nothing @ all came with her.

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