Lots of lube on plane

Discussion in 'General' started by glasslover420, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. I was sitting here, high, thinking. Might be going on a plane in a few months. Would they let you bring a big thing of sex lube on a plane? Like that K Y jelly stuff?

    Wouldn't that be great? Sitting there on a plane ride with a giant thing of lube sitting on your lap. People would give you weird looks and when you catch their eye, you could be like "have you seen my lube?". Could even pretend to be a sex jelly salesmen and give people samples in little baggies, or hand outs.

  2. You my sir, are high.... :laughing:
    Welcome to the club :smoke:
  3. I wouldn't recommend fucking around with the TSA or the flight crew etc. No Joke. You can bring 3oz. maximum.
  4. Man if you mix KY jelly with chinese made super glue and ox hair you can make a bomb.
  5. this is very interesting stuff xD but im sure they dont allow people to bring in any liquids as carry on luggage

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