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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deadhead, Apr 23, 2002.

  1. I haven't been here in a while and sense I've been gone I've done some fun shit.

    My friend's parents were out of town so I came over. We set stuff on fire like paintball, rubber cement, a drumstick...
    we didn't do much until we found his brothers water guns. we were running around in his back yard at night with no lights on shooting each other. Then we smoked a joint and watched Ed Edd N' Eddy until I feel asleep on the couch.

    Around 8PM my friend came over unexpectedly and we drove around. His girlfriend just dumped him so he don't want to be alone. We drove around thinking of other people we could get. After three people we tied to get we thought of Alex (big pothead) We came over to his house at 9:30PM and said "were going to the movies" (we didn't know that, we still didn't know what to do)
    drove around some more and decided to actually go to the movies. not to see a film but to pick up some girls. Didn't find anyone :(
    Then Alex took out his pipe and toked up in the car. Driving around high, running over roadkill. then we went to me friends house to smoke because his Mom was out of town too. And we took some of his moms weed and smoked it. we stayed up to 4:30 smoking. And again I slept on a couch.

    I got high before school. I smoked out of an apple and passed it around to like 4 people. It was great.
  2. Sounds great man, but it looks like you left out 4/20. Don't tell me you didn't smoke that day.
  3. i've heard a lot about smoking out of an apple, but how do you actually do it? i've always used my pipe / joints / blunts / bongs... that's all, does it work good?

    glad you had a good time, it got me thinking... i think the sh*t parents get is A LOT better.. so tell me, how was his moms stuff?
  4. my oldest soon to be eightteen says that the pot i smoke is far superior to the stuff he and his friends get, but like i tell him u only get what u pay for , u haVE TO PAY TO PLAY, BUT OF COURSE THE PARENTS DOPE IS ALWAYS THE BEST WHY WOULD WE WASTE OUR TIME AND HARD EARNED MONEY ON BUNK?
  5. KronosX: I have to you I did nothing.
    MeanGreen: His moms stuffis the best ive had.

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  6. sounds like u had a pretty live time deadhead. nice drawing btw.

    as a converse to the parent weed being the best heres more story:
    i went to my friends house wit sum really bomb stuff...his parents are cool with smokin an they smoke (my friend bought the weed for his mom lol) so i hand his dad the joint and he starts ragging on my skills :mad:. he unwraps it ans wraps up a better joint...he asks my friend how much he paid and then tells him he got ripped off. later that week im talkin to my friend....he mentions that his mom wants to buy sum of that stuff from me [​IMG] but im gonna go down there this weekend and let them smoke for free
  7. thanks deadhead, and theres no need to put anything as the bowl? what if the apple is moist (like all are lol) or maybe it doesnt even matter if it is?
  8. if you blot the bowl part of the apple with a paper towel before
    you put the weed in i imagine it'd dry it out enough to keep from harming the weed. i think, if you're toking the bowl right after you pack it, you won't have any issues. i've done this before & noticed no negative effects on the weed, in fact, it gives it a pleasant taste :)

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