lots of closet space, no knowledge

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by shootingstar135, Dec 12, 2001.


what do I need?

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  1. I've finaly bought the house of my dreams, and have more closet space than I could have ever imagine. So instead of killing my paychecks and buying from friends, I want to grow my own. I've looked at websites for manuals, but I thought I'd ask around for advice from people. What should I start with? What should I expect? What's the difference between male and female? Is there anyway to keep my etire house from smelling when my parents come over to visit? I'm sure I'll come up w/more questions. Who ever can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.
  2. Hi shootingstar
    I was once like you and then I also got an attic and you've
    got the right idear.Try and get hold of a book called
    MARIJUANA GROWER'S INSIDER'S GUIDE by Mel Frank. I found it a good book to start with and if you get stuck there is some great knowledge on this site.With some information
    I got off this site I should have some buds ready for Christmas.
    so happy growing

    mr mashed
  3. give us some facts,dimensions etc


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