Lots of chest pain on left side and around my left underarm

Discussion in 'General' started by Harvey Specter, Jan 16, 2014.

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    Basically, starting at least a month ago I started getting this weird tingling feeling in my left armpit. It first started happening to me in class, but it wasn't that strong so I ignored it. It started to get worse and worse, and becoming painful, and starting about 8 days ago I completely stopped smoking weed because I thought it might be contributing.
    It's like a tingling in my left underarm, plus pain in my left lung area and behind my left breast. My right side hurts a little sometimes, but not nearly as much as the left. The center of my chest feels tight, too. I went to the doctor a couple days ago and got a chest x-ray. The doctor said there was nothing serious, but it looked like there was some lung obstruction similar to asthma, and she said it could be from smoking weed (since I mentioned it). She also used an EKG to check my heart, and apparently there is nothing wrong with my heart. Sometimes my left arm feels a bit numb, too. 
    However, the problem does not feel like it's getting better since I stopped smoking 8 days ago. Has anything like this happened to anyone else? I've been smoking weed for almost 4 years and this has never happened to me before. It's definitely NOT psychological, it's real pain (I can tell the difference, trust me). Sometimes it feels like it's getting even worse.
    Also, it's not bronchitis or smoker's cough because I'm not coughing at all.

  2. maybe pinched nerve? my leg kept going numb and hurting bad cause i had one
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    That's certainly possible, I think I might have pulled a muscle in my arm a few months back. How do you find out if you have one?
    also, taking deep breaths kind of hurts the middle/center area of my chest, so I think it might be lung related :\\
    I figured it out because i was sleeping on an air mattress and it was fucking my back up...after i stopped it went away
  5. which hand do you use to masturbate?
    right hand, definitely not from that haha
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  7. Very interesting, I have just went through something similar
    My left breast near my armpit is almost inflamed or enlarged and had a weird tense pain, almost felt like someone tying a knot under my skin. So that lead me to my doctor cause the lump on the chest plus the weird pain. I got X-rays done and he said they looked fine, I didnt get to see them myself though, I wanted to just out of curiousity, the lady that did my X-ray said I had 'quite the set of lungs' lol
    I also got an EKG just like you did and it looked alright. I still have to see a cardiologist and see if my heart is okay cause sometimes I have an irregular heart beat. This whole chest pain thing really fucks with me at night when I'm trying to sleep. I think its partly an anxiety thing cause i start thinking too much about it and it starts feeling weird again. one night I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack, I felt like I could barely feel my heartbeat and my legs/arms began getting warm/numb, I hopped out of bed freakin out and stayed up for another few hours to calm my anxiety.
    funny thing is, I also only had Sativas on hand when all that went down..
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    That's weird because I've been having pain my my chest for a couple months now. It feels like its more in my heart area than armpit though. Behind my breast and to the left a bit... Like a squeezing feeling or some pressure that is constantly there. Usually not that bad, but then it gets intense a few times a day. And I feel like I need to keep taking deep breathes for some reason. Almost like out of breath a little bit. It started happening so suddenly that I don't think it's from smoking bud. And my heart beats funny in the morning time sometimes. Sounds like your situation is a little different though...
  9. sounds like you've got aids
  10. In all seriousness though it sounds like a pinched nerve
  11. You all are freaking me the fuck out. 
  12. I haven't really had any problems with the heart palpitations you guys are talking about. That sometimes happens to people after taking too many big bong rips, but that's not what my problem is. My heart is fine. I really hope this goes away soon, but I'm definitely not smoking anything anytime soon just in case. 
  13. I have all the same symptoms, but the doctor says my heart is perfectly fine. When this started I was a daily weed smoker, its been 2 months since I stopped and I still get the pain. When It first happened i had a my heart was beating way to fast, I was high as shit walking home. I eventually called the paramedics but they said my hr was fine and it was just an anxiety attack. I dont think it was because my left breast was noticeably swollen for the next 3-4 days. I went to the doctor about twice, once for a check up, and another for having a really harsh chest pain that radiated to my back leaving my heart and left pulsing hard after that. The doctors keep saying my heart is fine though. I get real bad anxiety because of that now.
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    That sucks. I think that heart palpitations (when your heart starts beating really fast) are actually fairly common after smoking a ton of bud. If it happens you just need to sit yourself down and try to calm down, and keep telling yourself that it's normal and nothing serious. 
    The problem I'm having is totally different than this. I'm not having any heart palpitations at all, and the pain is constant. Sometimes it's a strong pain, sometimes it fades a little, but it's been permanently there 24/7 for a couple weeks and feels like its getting worse.
  15. you might have "Pluerisy" which is an inflammation of the outer layer of the lungs. this shit normally comes around in the winter and the most significant symptom is chest pain under the rib/breast, usually sharp and stabbing, especially when taking deep breaths or moving your torso around.
    ask your doc about it and he'll probably put you on something like ibuprofen (anti inflammatory) and some type of antibiotic to knock out whatever is causing the inflammation and pain in your lungs.
    may jesus from nazareth bless you my friend.
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  16. Please help! I'm so sorry to bump an old post, but this is critical. I have the EXACT same symptoms as user Harvey Specter did up top. It has been several weeks, and does not seem to be much better. Harvey Specter, can you please respond and let me know when ended up happening? Did the chest pain get any better? Did it eventually go away? And did you end up figuring out what caused it or what made it better? Please help!
  17. So that's what Pluerisy is. I've always come across it in old literature and wondered what it was. Seems like half the people suffered from it in the nineteenth century. It's like gout or rickets conditions that still exist but you don't hear about often anymore.
  18. Could you please elaborate for me why you think this is a good place to receive medical advice?

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  19. ...Because I have been to a cardiologist and had a chest X-ray, EKG, and Echocardiogram (ultrasound) all of which did not find the cause, and yet I have nearly the exact same symptoms as the original poster including the tingling in the left armpit or left underarm, tightness and pain in the left side of my chest, etc. I was thinking if the original poster back in January 2014 found out what caused his, or if his ever got better over time, it would give clues as to what might have specifically caused mine as well. Is that elaborate enough for you Jason? Or would you like more details?
  20. I'm glad you've found some information but I wouldn't make a habit of asking for medical advice on a marijuana forum

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