Lots of bad luck, weed, and state police!!

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  1. okay. well to start things off i was going to post this last monday when it happened but i figured whatever roll with the punches but today something else happened and it was the last straw....

    ps this is pretty long so if u actually read it then thanks amigo.

    so its moday 2/2/09 my girlfriend spent the past weekend with me so when we wake up in the morning its time to drive her back up to school. we take the 2 hour trip and get there safe and sound. now i am supposed to head back to my place around 6-7 to make it back in time for heroes at 9 (i have a standing date with my bro to watch heroes every monday). she manages to convince me to stay and watch it with her in her dorm. ok no problem. we smoke a few (and its not like its the first time we did it, we just taped a plastic bag over the smoke alarm). then heroes ends and all is well and i am about to hit the road. my gf manages to convince me to stick around and watch the next bullshit show with her. fine. about 4 minutes into the show theres a knock on the door. its her roomate telling her "it stinks out her u should be careful i got in trouble for this a few years ago." fine no more smoking in the room. another 6 minutes later theres another knock on the door. this time its the police. they take us out of the room give us the usual bullshit blah blah blah yadda yadda yaddaaa.... now he is asking for my gf to sign a paper saying he can search the room. she says no. he brings the k-9s. they pull out a half oz. of diesel and a quarter oz. of kush. i get cuffed. luckily i was only in the precent for a few hours. and the cops were dicks and even though some were cool those fucking cops were dicks and those idiots told me i had the best weed they have ever seen. i am now persona non gratas on her campus and have to take that gdamn 2 hour drive to make a 9oclock court date on april 1st. whatever. like i said roll with the punches. so she comes back to spend this past weekend with me again. i give her an 8th of some kush and tell her to be careful. today cops came into her room and told her someone said it smelled like weed even though she swears it didnt. they searched her room found a sweet ass bubbler named "ichi the killer" that i gave her for her bday, the 8th (or what was left shes a little pothead), and a bottle of vicoden she got from getting her tooth removed. they accused her of selling (for what i have no idea but they tried to accuse me of it the night they cuffed me) and said that she is going to get in trouble for the vicoden also. she is also getting a demerit (i dont think it means shit but apparantly if u get 3 ur kicked out and she already has 2, the first one is from last monday when i got arrested[she got one for having a visitor in her room with drugs or some bs]) now she has two hearings and pretty much both are my fault i feel terrible anyone have any idea what going to happen?
  2. Damn... shoulda used a sploof...
  3. Bros before hoes

    Nah, I am playing man, that really fucking sucks. I can just feel that sick feeling I know you had when it was going down. You really should have went your bros though, and this wouldn't have happened. You already know that though. Everything happens for a reason dude, and one day you'll look back and laugh at this shit. Sorry that shit happened to you bro.
  4. they gotta be able to prove she sold vicodin, they can't just say she did and thats the end of it

    how dumb do you gotta be to get busted and then busted again a week later?

  5. tell me about it...

    thanks dude.

    no need to be an asshole, but unfortunately you are right.... pretty fucking dumb.
  6. that sucks dude. that really sucks. they shouldn't have been able to search her room...the cops nor RAs were never allowed in our dorms at KU, and when they barged their way in, we got them in trouble with the administration and all the charges were revoked (we had a party in our dorm basically...took one of the doors off its hinges and used it for a beer pong table). Still, these were the cops, who knows how different the situation is then. they shouldn't have been able to search her room the second time though...did she tell them they couldn't come in?

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