lots of acid? or lots of reefer POLL

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. i got a bill probably 110 before i go out today, i came up on an acid connection, and i could either get a quarter, or more if i throw down with a friend on a half, or i can get 100 dollars worth of acid, i'm not sure how much i can get from this guy for that though but i'll settle for 30+ thing about acid hits can go for 20 yes 20 fucking dollars a hit...so who knows what i'l do with that;)
  2. i'd go with acid on this one.

    But that might just be because i love acid

  3. i was thinkin' along the same lines, welcome back rasta how was your trip?
  4. Ive never done acid. But I would DEFINITLY get the 30 hits. Just stock up for a while. Acid stays good for a while right? Should be alot cheaper in that kind of bulk too.
  5. cids, no doubt.
  6. this poll need not go on, sure not too many votes but i'm goin' with the acid, i'm told i can get it 100% but chances are it's gonna fall through, let's hope not..
  7. okay, i couldn't wait to spend it and i went with the quarter...it's some kill:D
  8. since acid doesnt come around here day i'd go with it.
  9. The cid would probably the most valuable out of the 3.
  10. if u could "give" people acid for 20 a jit def the cid
  11. dude acid by far. haha 20 dollars a hit? that hilaroius.
  12. I voted acid, because trippin is always fun. Why dont you just get some dank buds and some shrooms. Best combo ever :smoke:
  13. never done acid, but 30 hits- SHIT. dude, that's basically $3 a hit. and find me afterwards
  14. I can always get bud but I havent been able to find any acid. I would have gone with the acid but if the weed you got is pretty dank I would be happy with that too.:smoke:
  15. If you have a solid connection for cid then its not as big of a deal. If you don't, is it even a question?
  16. Lust..guy above this post, just made something real clear to me...i do have a solid connect but only larger amounts like 10-15...so i'm not even pissed i went with the quarter...it'll be a little more pricey but people will just "take" it out of my pockets and leave 20 dollars

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