LotR The Return Of The King

Discussion in 'General' started by Stylez, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Anyone see the movie yet? came out today..im dieng to hear how awsome it was..:D Im probably going to see it this weekend.
  2. kicked ass! I was stoned waiting in line, but it was gone by the time the movie started.

    Def. worth the money though, the battle scenes are fucking sweet. There were times were I was just thinking to myself "god damn it, this movie is just so FUCKING GOOD!"

    book is better, but they always are.
  3. Haven't seen it yet but plan to within the next few days :)
  4. I think it's worth an hour long wait...outside...in a Wisconsin winter...
  5. ^ hour and half... we were fucking COLD! Me and my other friend went to outakers car to warm up and smoke some chitters half way through, well he sat outside in the cold lol :D
  6. ...lol....we just go to the drive in....and smoke all thru the movie.....
  7. Yeah, I wish they had modern drive ins around here.. That would be pretty nice to hotbox your ride while watching a good movie.. I'd want to go to a drive in where they could use your existing speakers for the movie.. That would just be too cool, with a good sound system.

    Edit: So after posting this, I started looking for drive in theaters around Michigan. From what I gather, they broadcast the sound on an FM band, so you already do use your existing speakers, right?
  8. hey hey... just saw it today with a bunch of friends...
    one of my buddies went and bought a guitar... we chilled in the music store and just jammed on all the available instruments.. it was wicked.
    then we wen't to go line up for the movie, and i got a couple of non-smoking buddies to save our seats, while one dude and i went outside and got blazed. ahh.. that movie was wicked. Smeagol was pretty scary at that first part, especially since i was stoned.
  9. Gonna go see it on New Years Eve.
  10. Great movie, really long though. It would be sweet if there was a part like 2 hours into the movie where it would stop for 10 minutes so you could run outside and smoke a joint, then come back in. I dunno, I wasnt even stoned for the last part of the movie...

    Or you could smoke inside the theater...hmm, I wonder if it could be done?

  11. we always to to the drive in....you can smoke all you want ot your car....

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