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  1. I lost my 20 bag it was some good shit to i was mad blazed and put it somewhere and can't remember
  2. Sorry about that man....happens to the best of us
  3. yea that sucks, but think of it this way, when u find it again it will be like scoring free weed.
  4. I found a joint cleaning my room one day. I didnt have anything on me either. it was destiny. lol itll pop up at the strangest time i bert.
  5. I hate you lost your bag!!!!! But it's happened to me a time or two so don't feel alone. It seems like I search and search for it and then it ends up being in the most obvious of places. Good luck though!!!!!!
  6. You son of a bitch. how could u man u needed to save that shit for this weeekend and u fucking go and loose it after wut we went thro the past weekend.ive been sober for two fucking weeks and u go and loose the fucking bud. goddam
    peae jonnyt
  7. gonna guess you know each other
  8. an oposium stole my weed once

    we left it out on floor on tray

    opossium snuck in
    (they did this alot in fla)
    to steal cat food
    and this time he found an oz

    we found him out side with it

    trying to eat it


    we got it from him and chased him off

    now pot is wet from ground outside

    and covered in oposium drool!

    we tryed to dry it in microwave

    bad idea!!!

    cought fire in there and melted the microwave


    so now this "oz" was a cupple joints of

    wet ,plastic coated,oposium smellin shit!!!

    -i feel the your pain...
  9. i fucked up one time wiht weed too....I SMOKED IT THROUGH ALUMINUM!!
  10. AHHHH!!!!

    say it ant so!
  11. it is so...you...you...you reynolds wrap lover!!
  12. fuck i mus love the aluminum

    it wont ever leave me alone

    it calles to me at night

    it wakes me from my dreams!
  13. i found it in a bowl of popcorn.
  14. hurayyyy !!!

    glad you found it....popcorn?

    is there more to this story?
  15. were you having sex with said popcorn?
  16. and how did this "popcorn sex"make you feel?
  17. were you high at the time of popcorn sex?...did that HIGHten the experience? do you encourage us to try popcorn sex?
  18. did you think of Orvil Redinbacker wile performing
    said act?
  19. hahaha..oh shit..hahahahah!!!!

    did said orville redenbacher have extra butter on self?
  20. or was it nessasary to apply butter manualy?

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