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  1. Any1 fans of lost. It blows this is the last season but im so excited to see what happens when they go back to the island.
  2. im almost positive the writers announced that there will be two more seasons ending with the sixth.

    the upcoming is the fifth. not sure what date it returns?

    i am pretty stoked, this show is so addicting tho i dont know where the story will go besides explanations of past four seasons.
  3. i thought they were having just one more season but with like 26 episodes or something you might be right though
  4. i love the show and i love evangeline lilly
  5. This is my favorite TV show that's currently on the air and probably my favorite of all time. These final two seasons are going to be amazing.

    The last season was great, and had a couple episodes that were on an epic scale, could've been engaging standalone movies.

    The next season should be interesting, if what I've read and deduced, there's a shift and the flashbacks actually become post-island flash forwards.

    Whatever the next two seasons hold I hope all the answers are given to us. Yeah, that's a lot to ask from Lost, but with the awesome writing on the show I don't doubt the possibility.
  6. I followed it loosely for the first two seasons, then the storyline got ridiculous.
  7. anybody else completely freak out by that black dude who was an orderly in a Locke flashback and a visitor at Hurley's psych ward in a flash forward. he scares the shit out of me.

    also any predictions for the upcoming season? like what did Sawyer ask Kate to do. is Christian Shepard actually dead. who is Jacob. how did Locke die. ect.

    man, i love lost.:D.
  8. i love that show i wish i could get stuck on an island but i couldent go without weed
  9. My mom used to rent it from netflix and I'd get ripped and watch it. I can't smoke for a while so I didn't watch last season. It'll be cool when I smoke again and watch it.

    Kate's FUCKING HOT!

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