Lost Your Keys While High? 100% solution

Discussion in 'General' started by Blueschew, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I think that would be assumed. How exactly would you lose your keys while you're driving o_O

  2. I've seen my dad open a few car doors without keys lmaoo, all he needs is a stick.

    It costs a lot of money to call a mechanic to do it for you
  3. My door doesn't need keys i just scan my eye on a screen and it slides open.

  4. lol i have a honda and if i can manage to get another honda key, i can easily jiggle into my car
  5. I've had to get into a few car windows in my time. ;)

    One time. My friend lost his keys at a rave.. And all of our phones and wallets were in his car..

    And we were like 40min from home.

    His back left window wasn't even open enough to fit your fingers all the way through.

    But it was open :devious:

    So they like kinda pulled the window down as far as they could.. Which was like a 1/4 inch..

    So I'm working with 3/4 inch and I'm candy flipping HARD.

    I literally just like shot my hand straight down as hard and fast as I could and barely flicked the lock with the tip of my finger.

    The alarm went off of course.. So we got our shit and left lol

    Friend went back and got it the next day lol

    I had some gnarly ass weird bruises the next day though. That were up my whole fucking arm.
  6. Ive actually left my keys in the door many times I wouldn't say 100% effective, ive found them in my hand, pants pocket coat pocket, mixed up in my blankets
  7. i lose my keys once a day high drunk or sober dont matter them bitches always gone
  8. If you eventually find your keys, I guarantee it will be in the last place you look. :p :smoke:
  9. yeah hondas are super easy to break into.

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