Lost your ass virginity?

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Have you lost your ass virginity?

  1. guys: no

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  2. girls: no

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  3. guys:yes, liked

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  4. girls:yes, liked

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  5. guys:yes, hated

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  6. girls:yes, hated

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  7. both: EWWW!

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  1. This thread is for everyone, but please specify sex. My girlfriend wants to try anal sex, but me being the recipient...and i\'m not too keen on that idea as im sure you can imagine. I just want to see what everyone else thinks/has experienced, to see if i\'m being out of line.
  2. As funny as all this is, I need a serious reply. Maybe zonedude could help or something.

  3. you two are so cuuuuuuute togeather.......you know canda does have new laws now......:D

  4. am I reading this right? you mean you\'re the recipient? as in? like its all good if thats the deal..im just wondering...
    so shes using a something on you?

  5. Yes, I don\'t think I\'m reading this right either...

    Your girlfriend wants to fuck you in the ass? With like a strap-on?

    Dude?! The answers NO! I can\'t imagine your relationship would ever be the same again. Thats the kinda shit you can\'t ever go back on. What if you break up? What if she tells your friends??

    OMG No way.

  6. ugh hell no! ima never ever try that shit! thats so nasty!
  7. I have a hard time taking a big dump...lol..if ya know what im saying

    dont need or want a fake dick in the ass

  8. hahhaa lmfao!!!!!!! haha! ur so funny! lmfao!

  9. hahahaha omfg u guys r too funny! lmfao!

  10. He lies!!!!!

    So what are we talking about?

    ......ohhhhhhh! OK! I see.

    ::: exits the thread :::
  11. Wow...what an ironic thread, seeing how I just lost mine last night.....and it HURT!!!
  12. Was last night the night of loosing the ass virginity??? and I missed it!!!!

    I still have mine though!!! The only way I\'ll loose it would be to the guy at the morge after I have left this body!!!!!

  13. *evil laughter*

    Hmmm...good idea ;)
  14. bongish and obliv should so mud wrestle and like wait oh yeah they should KY Jelly wrestle!

    Man that\'d be sweet

  15. Yeah, that would have been it. But the key is \"would have.\" This will take a while to explain, I believe. Let me start from the beggining: my girlfriend writes eroticas. When she first told me it was a big turn on, and asked if she wrote about me ever, the answer was yes. Then I asked where she wrote it. She said she had a journal, but also wrote to an internet magazine called sex sea that her friend writes. She also told me that there is a column to write your fantasies in there. Her being the tease that she is, she wont usually tell me all of her fantasies straight out, I have to wait until the magazine that she writes them to gets sent out. The other day she told me that her fantasy was going to be included in the next issue of the magazine. The next magazine came and none of the other fantasies sounded like they could have been hers, so I assumed that one was hers, because she is kinky, it it just made the most sense/fit the best, knowing her.
  16. Fuck, I forgot to include the fantasy. Well, here is the one that I thought was hers:

    I\'d love to get a strap-on dildo, and surprise my boyfriend one night. Put it on, lube up his asshole and fuck him really hard until he came from me stimulating his prostate gland. Then i\'d orgasm from the pressure from the dildo, and i\'d spank him and call him my bitch.

    There are a few reasons why I thought that this was hers: It was the most literate to read, and she is a good writer. I told her the other day that I got some lube and she acted really interested and said, \"Reeaallly?\" She also is into s&m a wee bit so the spanking thing was another so-called \"clue\".
  17. Lol. Thanks zonedude for your advice in my time of need, so to speak. But it doesn\'t look like its going to happen anytime soon, she isn\'t into the idea, and I am not either, at least not at this point in time. But I really appreciate it.
  18. Hey man!
    Ill give u another open minded guys point of view up to on what u do though!
    First of all if youre even considering it Id say u had some curiosity but its like taboo or shit coz guys aint sposed to do that unless theyre gay. Dont worry about taboo though what u do in your own time is your business,talk to your girl about it and if it is her fantsasy you could work up to it but try something besides a strap on first, something smaller and work your way up I reckon that shit could hurt done wrong.
    Anyway just remember if the shit is too work you need to really talk to your girl its all about the communication, it can get ya thru anything and who knows u might like it!.
    Worst case scenario, u dont do it again.

    Oh well hope that helps!
    and being dominated by your girl can be really cool
    cant say I have ever tried anal this way though
  19. no chick is ever gonna fuck me, then slap my ass and call me their bitch EVER!!

    Ahhh thats the worst. After a chick fucks you and calls you there bitch, your done. I just wouldnt have any self respect left.

    But damn, it sure is good to pop a few fingers up in that fucker! ( :O is he kidding?!?! Is he serious?!?! WHO KNOWS!!)

  20. Nope.

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