Lost Supply Drops?

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  1. So I'm currently on the fifth season of lost, and they are keep talking about how its very hard to find the island and that there are only windows avalible to actually get to the island. And that it is almost impossible to FIND the island..

    BUT in season 2, the Dharma Supply drop, drops a bunch of food and what not.. how are THEY able to find the island and drop the crates of supplies, IF the island is almost impossible to find? Im quite baffled by this.
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    For all we know that supply drop could come from a nearby location on the island or perhaps another island offshore with a supply warehouse. Think of it as another Dharma station that still has someone trapped, doing the same job every day, waiting for a replacement, dropping supplies all over the island since 1971, or whatever the date is. We also know that the Dharma location has access to signal traffic on and off the island, it would not be hard to set a unique signal that can be picked up by those off the island with knowledge of said signal.

    There is also the possibility that the Others dropped the supplies, we still do not know much about them and there are reasons for the Others to keep the survivors alive.

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