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lost/stolen oz

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NFloyd2357, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. The title says it all. a buddy and i went halfway each on an ounce. Lastnight, we smoked 2 js and went through grav. bong rips for about an hour. There was a 3rd friend there (we were at his house) and i guess his mom knew we were high. I left the house, my other friend slept over, and i let him hold onto the oz. Apparently he forgot to put it away, and when they woke up, it was gone... but heres were it gets complicated... his mom must have taken it, because there were apprx. 2 grams pulled out and left on the desk... which means she must be alrite wit us smokin it if she wanted to spare us some weed.... soooo, should we ask her where the rest of the ounce went and see if we can get it back?
  2. yea ask her what the fuck she left you on the desk and where the fuck the rest of your weed is. Ask your friend to ask his mom that first, if he dont give it back its cuz he took it not his mom. My mom always gave me back my shit or i found it when she took it when i was younger but she never threw it out***
  3. yea i just talked to them again, we're gonna ask his mom what happened, and we're gonna say it was some other kids, that way she might give it back. We think she doesnt care that we all smoke, but she probably saw the oz and thought it was way too much or something for us to have. i really hope we get this back, we were gonna do some baking this afternoon.
  4. another good way is to say its someone elses and you owe them like $500 lol its almost guaranteed they'll give it back with a slap on the wrist saying not to do it ever again
  5. or him mom is probably smokin all your cheeb right now
  6. yeah man, my friend put shroom tea in his parents coffee about a year ago (they couldn't trip they had to work) and they finally got him back by taking an ounce of hydro he just bought and smoking it ALL.
  7. yea, turns out the worst has happened. his mom gave the shit to his dad and told them everyone that was at his house. we think he might call all our parents... last time i got caught i was told if i was caught again im losing all my college money... soooo i hope he doesnt call, or know i was there, else im screwed lol... smoke one for me and hope i dont get caught lol. i guess all i can do now is wait
  8. lol i dont think that your parents would give away your college money b/c your friends parents found your pot. Just say it was someone elses if it really comes down to it..

  9. Haha thats funny

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