Lost some coke

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    Shit, i got evicted from my apartment today and i fucking left a bunch of shit their, including the coke i bought with the rent money... which is why im getting evicted.

  2. no whenever I have coke Im usually constantly holding it...fuck grabbin my nuts I grab my shit...
  3. Lol, yeah i bought mine then busted out a fat line. Stashed it somewhere and i cant remember where *T_T*
    Im ripping apart my house this weekend.
  4. i do it as soon as i get it, so no, never lost any ever
  5. Did you recently get evicted? If so, I think TheShawn found your coke. He wrote a whole thread about it.
  6. Cocaine is terrible and overpriced.

    I mean, seriously, what's the point of using a drug that makes one feel like O.J. Simpson just tried to mug them in a unisex bathroom with a rubber Dick Cheney mask on?

    If I was about to fight hand-to-hand with a large kangaroo, I could perhaps understand the merits of snorting hundreds of dollars up my nose just to get the effect of a caffeine overdose.
  7. Who told the truth and who made their story around the other's? :) Haha

  8. Yeah dude this is a good question because one's from Vancouver and the other's from Misouri... or maybe it was just a funky coincidence with some teleporting involved, who knows?
  9. LMAO...How epic.

    Somehow your coke got teleported to another state?
  10. :> yup, hit the head on the nail man XD
  11. whats the fuckin point of this post? oooh, +1 to post count eh? well then me TOO!
  12. this

    Coke is a once in a blue moon, spare of the moment type thing.

  13. yeah, just thought I'd fix that and get a +1 along with everyone else in this thread.
  14. Holy shit!
    How coincidental. :rolleyes:

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