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  1. I just had a pang of regret cuz my sense of smell is almost completely gone. I have exhaled smoke through my nose at least 1 a session for like 5 years now and noticed my smellingness has gone down year by year. I can only smell really dank skunky bud and really strong smells like that. I cant smell like flowers and cut grass and shit.
    Anybody else have this problem? How do I fix this, I miss smelling nice stuff.

  2. Im gonna stop exhaling through my nose now thanks a lot! But if its really bad Id go to a doctor...
  3. Sounds like your nose is useless ): sorry, I don't know what could help. Ask your dr. :/
  4. So none of you guys know how to fix it make it better? I can hardly smell the aroma of good food  :cry:
    I am afraid to tell my doctor about all my drug abuse because then they put it in your medical reports so that all your employers can see it.
    I have stopped exhaling through my nose for the past 2-3 months but it is not getting much better, there is very little improvement.
    Is this permanent?
  5. See if coconut oil or raw honey would help. Or sniff some herbal aroma oils, if u stopped smoking itd regenerate eventually

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  6. I am in the same boat only my hearing has been killed from going to a lot of shows with very loud music and always having my music loud in my car or my earphones... take a lesson from that people keep your music down and wear ear plugs, your hearing is more delicate then you would think.
    Sorry about your nose, I bet it will come back some if you stop exhaling like that.
  7. that sucks. one reason i have never had a system in any car i've owned.
  8. doctors cant tell anybody shit about medical issues, if that's what you're worried about.  i'd get it checked out if it's really this bad, i've been exhaling smoke through my nose for years (cigarette and weed smoke) and i can still smell fine.  but maybe you should not do that anymore in case it is your problem.
  9. Dont listen to your general practitioner they only know about colds and infections.. go to a specialist. 
  10. Here's something from a post I made earlier today in a thread about whether or not people could smell or taste the herb they were smoking. It probably doesn't have anything to do with how you smoke, unless your herb is contaminated somehow. I actually sniff most of my emberring bowls after the first hit and I always exhale through both my mouth and nose to get the most out of the flavor, and I've been doing that since the 90's without any ill effect to my own sense of smell :p

      If you feel like you have a problem medically with your sense of smell, and if these tips don't help, then you really need to see a specialist. It could be an indicator of a bigger problem, or you could just be genetically predisposed to losing your sense of smell and taste a little faster as you age. Whatever is wrong, it may set your mind at ease a bit if you check it out with someone who's had a little more medical-olfactory training than we've had. :p
  11. Do you smoke cigs? from the week i've quit i can smell 10x better.
  12. I feel you man, my sense of smell/taste is sucky too, been puttin too much shit up my nose for too long...
  13. It may not be your toking doing it! A lack of zinc or also vitamin E can cause a loss of the sense of smell- both are low in the average American diet. Using Zycam nasal spray appears to be another cause of loss of smell. Do you use alcohol? Cirrhosis of the liver can eliminate your sense of smell, too! 
    Stop exhaling through your nose, at the least. Maybe quit smoking and try using edibles or tinctures for a week to see if that helps. If it stays the same after a week of not smoking, see a doctor!
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    I broke my nose 2 years ago.  Soon after, I lost most sense of smell for quite a while after the surgery to repair the break.  Most weed I couldn't smell anything even sticking my nose in the jar.  Other, stronger odors like vinegar, burning anything and the like I could smell vaguely.  My surgeon told me it would eventually return and it did.  It took over a year for any improvement, then when it started to return it happened fairly quickly.  It's still not back to normal but I can smell different strains of weed, wine and food and different flowers etc. 
    Hope your sense of smell recovers.  There are other serious reasons to speak to a ENT Specialist about your issue right now.  They won't care if you smoke weed, don't worry but certainly tell the doctor if they ask about smoking habits.  Good Luck !!
  15. A buddy of mine slowly lost his sense of smell, too. While yours doesn't seem to have progressed to where his condition is (no smell at all), I think it would be a good idea to keep an eye on it or see a doctor. My friend ended up having nasal polyps, which are basically benign tumors that were in his nasal cavities and sinuses. He's having surgery this week to regain his sense of smell 100%.

    I'd talk to a doctor just to be safe.
  16. Maybe just try not exhaling through the nose. I am not a doctor and unless they have pictures of a degree, I doubt anyone here can erally give you medical advice that could come from a medical professional.
    Doctors actually don't care much about drug use, they actually want you to tell them about it. IDK about how some doctors see drugs morally, but the ones I have met don't judge me or call the cops when I admit to drug use during whatever check-up or ER visit.
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    sounds like you cut your brother in half and went smell-blind.
    but yea. a specialist. 
  18. If you don't want to tell your doctor about your "abuse" then tell him it's from cigarettes
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    Well, look on the bright side; eating pu$$y should be a breeze now.  :)
    There's always a silver lining if you look hard enough........

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