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Lost one of my top connections..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wunschshrek, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Sigh... :mad:

    Today, was a shitty day. Got word, one of my best connections, probably my best, most reliable and 2nd best pricing, is getting out of 'the game' and moving on to a more legal profession that be used to dream of being when he was a kid, and now has a chance to live out his dreams.

    I am not angry with him, I am happy he is making something better out of his life, and 'going legit' I guess is a good thing.

    Just sucks, this man was my main canadian hookup. So I have a few choices, Quality goes down, price goes up, or I have to start growing again.

    Smoke one for me guys.

    As for now I am considering option C the most. Time will tell.

    For now I am going to be posting on here less, as this all gets settled out. If I start farming again, you guys better be ready for a postman junior, because I was pretty good last time :p

    Anyways, Pz everyone, I will talk to ya in a few weeks, for now I got some shit to figure out I guess lol. I hope I have some new bud to post for everyone soon :smoking:

    Pz Pz
  2. Sorry to hear about that Wuns, it happens though. Wish ya the best with everything dog <3 =]
  3. Thanks man much appreciated.
  4. Dude you need to get a hold of this dude and find out who he hooked up.
    Almost every time I have seen this happen, the person will usually hook someone else up with their hookup that they trust. Especially if they moved alot and the person they trust knows a lot of the clientel.

    Just Weed for Thought.
  5. aww that sucks, but hey good luck with it man, hey who knows maybe youll grow some strain of killer bud?
  6. judging b y the prices he gets.... i'll bet he was the grower ;)
  7. this dutch for you you mayne... patria!

    I wouldn't worry too much though, I'm sure you know where to get dat fire. BROADWAY!
  8. Man at least you've got other connects to fall back on. For many smokers, if they lose their connect they're out of luck until they meet someone else, which can take a long time in some situations. I haven't had those problems in a long time, but I can remember that it feels a lot worse than just losing 1 of several connects.
  9. I was getting it from someone who was a grower =( Thanks for the support though, much appreciated.

    Everyone else too =) <3 u guys ... In a masculine way
  10. at least you have a backup plan. when my dealer stopped selling it basically meant i had to quit.

    but i understand man, it's a bummer aye.
  11. I will be smoking a bowl of hindu kush for you very soon. That sucks man.
  12. haha i was about to say the same thing, just talk to him one of his close friends will probably pick up his connect or something
  13. That must be some quantity of bud you've been buying for this to be such a catastrophe.

    Hope everyone works out for ya.
  14. i haven't smoked regularly for 3-4 years because i always end up telling dealers to go fuck themselves the second they start jerking me around with their shitty overpriced indica.

    if you want something done right... do it yourself.
  15. Wunschshreck...Wunschshreck...Wunschshreck

    Just build yourself a cabinet, grow the dankest shit in the world for yourslef.

    What will you gain from this?

    1: No more worrying about hookups

    2: You will no longer have to expose yourself to situations that could lead to trouble

    3: You will have more money....eventually

    4: You will have more time to study the stock market or something, instead of looking for bud.

    5: You will gain a new hobby

    6: You won't tell anyone your growing it, and you wont have to worry about getting busted.....(As long as you don't start growing massive amounts that trigger any power spikes or show up in any infrared cameras.)
  16. yea Wunschshreck, ya frigggin noob! :D
  17. Ah man that sucks. Best of luck though.
  18. Damn, man, that's some rough news to hear. I hope everything works out for the best for you. And if you get a grow started, good luck, man. Keep up informed!
  19. I love karma. :hello:

    Good luck getting new connect. ;)
  20. Was that Z*****ud by any chance?

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