Lost my weed...or did I!?

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    Okay, so I had to share this with someone so here it is.

    Like 3 hours ago I made a firecracker with some trainwreck (yes, I know a waste, but it was free and I didnt have mids :) I come home from where I made em, I chill and wait for it to take effect, time goes by, Im thinking, "I wanna look @ my dank and smell it". So I get up, destroy my room looking for my lil aluminum can that I jacked from walmart (lol, eat it walmart) that I guess is for spices, it rules, anyway, Now stoned hard, I wonder my house with my cell phone hoping to jebus that earlier when my dad woke up for his midnight snack, that he did not find it :eek:. So literally almost an hour goes by and I just give up and start watchin the highlights of the Steelers vs Titans game, Im like "Wow I missed a good game :(", all of a sudden, Im like !?!?!?!, I remember that when I got home, I put it under something cloth related. So I start to look and wonder "Is it under my clothes!??!?", nothing. So I go over to my Det RedWings stanley cup blanket and before I look underneath, Im thinking "PLZ JEBUS, PLZ"! Its there and Im doing a lil jig following a mr roboto dance. Now, when I left my home, I had some nice shorts on, when I came back I put on some shitty comfy shorts with the pockets falling out..... So when I wanted my weed, I had them on, and was thinking I had my stash in them when I got home... If you didnt remember, I had diff shorts on. So when I realized this, I loled with a -_- face thinking, "these pants are going in the garbage (as I always lose things with them one".

    Now I just wish I made more firecrackers ):,,, As I was/possibly are still baked like chicken.

  2. "possibly still baked"
    how do you not know if you're baked:confused::confused:

    anyways did you find your weed?
  3. I did not follow that story at all.

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