Lost my wallet :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Linguistics, May 16, 2010.

  1. Sad face. At a party on friday night I lost my wallet, thank god it only had £10 in it, but it also had my credit card which means that I gotta cancel the existing one and get another one sent to me :(.

    It also means that I need a new wallet! If anyone reccommends a nice leather one, be sure to post a link to it!
  2. Also just split tea down myself! Fuck beingbri|tish!
  3. That's rough man, get your credit card thing done, order yourself a new wallet, sit in a bathtub and smoke a bowl. It'll all be good.
  4. I'm not sure about England, but over here we have stores like Ross and Marshalls. They have decent leather wallets for about $5.
  5. sorry to hear it man, actually just last night I was at a party and got wayy too trashed. Ended up losing my bag with just under a quarter oz of indoor kb in it. Luckily I still got at least an o and a half in the stash jar haha
  6. Worst feeling is not finding your wallet in your back pocket. Good thing you only had a credit card. When I lost mine, I had about $100 with credit cards, debit cards, and my drivers license. Boy those were a bitch to get back.
  7. Yeah always a shitter when that happens. My first year i went to Glastonbury i had been there for half a day and i got pickpockted had my phone + wallet with £90 in gone.
  8. it is really shitty. i was at the gym awhile ago, and i forgot my lock at my house, so i just said whatever no one is grimy enough to steal my shit. i was wrong, i go back in to change, my phone was stolen, my wallet with $50 and debit cards/license/pictures of my passed away nephew/girlfriend, and all the other shit you carry in your wallet, my belt was even gone, and so was my favorite pen! :mad:. i was pissed, but as time went by i felt better. i was worried about my phone, though, because i had some really important stuff in there. thank god i turned it off and i have my passcode on there :)
  9. sucks man, I know that feeling. I hate being high and not being consciously aware of anything that matters for a period of time and then realizing something that was previously in my possession is gone. Worst feeling. Then your thoughts become a chaotic miasma of fucking panic.

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