lost my two front teeth, accused of being a crackhead

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Twisting Blunts, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. wtf, how does this shit happen?

    earlier today me and my pal were rollerblading around, he decided to be a dick while i was trying to do a 540 mcdonalds off a 22 stair piece and throw a stick underneath my rollerblades, i tumbled 22 stairs down and was laying on the ground convulsing, according to him.

    from what i remember, i woke up at the bottom of the stairs and rolled over and saw my two front teeth laying on the ground next to me, my pal was laughing hysterically, i got up and rollerbladed home with my teeth in my hand, on the way home someone said "hey look at this crackhead, i bet he stole those rollerblades to get to his crack faster"

    never been so embarrassed in my life
  2. Pics of teeth or gtfo. I really want to believe this story but it's too hard.
  3. I don't know what a 540 mcdonalds is, but i'm not tryin that shit. 5 years of braces aint going to waste.
  4. i woulda stopped and slowly started goin towards the person, acting as if i was on crack and scare the shit outa them haahah
  5. you probably do smoke crack
  6. Who are you trying to fool bro?

    I skateboard, religiously

    do you have any idea of how big a 22 stair really is? How about a 12 stair?

    If you were really trying that, I KNOW FOR A FACT, you have other footage out there. Furthermore you wouldn't even fucking try that without video taping it.


    in the most respectful way possible
  7. yeah dude 22 stairs? doing a 540 down 22 stairs?

    didnt happen. show us a video or picture of it or of the teeth and a time signature
  8. DAMN!! GC is real good at spotting trolls!!!
  9. Noiiiiiiiiiiice
  10. This made made my night haha thankyou so much I actually laughed out loud

  11. literally lol'd at that part. but damn man, i guess all u want for christmas is ur 2 front teeth, huh?:smoke:


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