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Lost my pipe what should I get now

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SirBongwalski, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I lost my pipe seabreeze, and I'm gonna need something new. My friend has a 30 dollar bubbler but he'll sell it to me for 20, should I get it that or I could get a bunch of packs of rolling papers or get both. I have 110 dollars to spend and I wanna get more weed so should I get some rolling papers and get 100 dollars worth of weed, or get a bubbler and rolling papers and get a quarter oz of weed. Are bubblers any good I've never owned one or used one but I won't need one if I find my seabreeze. What are some good rolling papers too.
  2. ask your friend if you can try out the bubbler and see what you think. The best rolling papers in my opinion are elements, they burn smooth :smoke: but if your new to rolling might wanna try some orange zig zags.
  3. Bubbler FTW!
  4. Get yourself a half decent bong, spend the rest on weed and munchies.

  5. I've rolled with oranges back in high school I was pretty good too but I haven't used papers for a while and I wanna try something besides zig zags so I'll probably get some elements and the bubbler.
  6. definitly not just papers. they waste wayy to much. get the bub or a bong

  7. Yeah I'd like a bong but a lot of the really nice ones are out of my price range right now.

  8. You just asked this question in a thread...

    you decided to buy a bub....

    now your telling him to get a half decent bong...

  9. I'll probably just get the bubbler cause I trust my friend with pieces and he always gets nice ones but I'm still gonna get some papers for on the go.
  10. Get the bubbler, and a pack of papers. How many joints do you really plan on smoking? I usually loose them damn pack before it's done anyway.
  11. Just get papers! I like all sorts.. been using Juicy J's this past week though. Give 'em a go.
  12. Just make a piece or something. I made this and it's served me well.


    And it even collects resin nicely (although I smoked it all)

  13. The bubbler sounds like a good deal, though I'm not sure what your friend's is like. I've only tried them a couple times, but I liked them. I'd recommend it. If mobility isn't an issue, I'd just use the money on a sick bong and drop the next paycheck on bud. Hell, with a good bong, you can probably find people to smoke you out.
  14. bubbler fer sure. it's like a bong without the hassles of being a bong. like a cupcake compared to a cake

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