Lost my grinder

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  1. Dude I lose my grinder and have 3 zips to break up. One down and my hands really hurt haha. Anyways are there any other ways to easily break up ganj?

    " That's what I thought. NERD! "
  2. you could chop it with a knife and cutting board, just make sure all stems out...old school but works.
  3. Word I didn't think of that lol. Right on thanks man!

    " That's what I thought. NERD! "
  4. Medicine bottle and a couple quarters. Break the herb up into nuggets, drop in with the coins.. give it a good shake.
  5. Funny that's exactly what I did haha

    " That's what I thought. NERD! "
  6. Have your friends help you, then smoke with them 
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     that's so gross! money has so many germs.
  8. I realy cant believe i,m posting this man on moon granny eggs 'Its what separates us from the beasts in the field' Try a pair of scissors every one uses scissors or fingers in this neck of the woods, if you produced a grinder they might think its voodoo. cheers
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    So you wash you hands before you handle and load your herb, every single time?

    Where do you think all those germs on the money came from?

    EDIT: Oh and what do you suppose happens to those germs, once you apply flame or 325 degrees F to it?
    point taken, but the thought is still nasty.
    That's why I use a Mendo Mulcher. ;)


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  12. I always found a lawn mower works the best for grinding up my bud!

    On a serious note,with that amount i would use use my hands. If its sticky enough you may have some hash on your fingers when finished.

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  13. I'm sure I'm too late, but a doubles shot glass and scissors work wonders, not sure for 3 zips tho

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  14. Buy another one & have it bolted down to your desk or table so it can't go missing ; I have the same problem right now I had quite a big sesh yesterday & now cannot find my grinder anywhere & I was only in two places with it , in my bedroom at the computer & in my kitchen & have searched high and low in both those places & no luck . What I don't want to happen is for it to just randomly turn up while I have any members of my ultra conservative family at my place because none of them know that I smoke weed.

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  15. OP is 4 years old I think they got a new grinder by now lol
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  16. Or has sore fingers
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  17. Damn we both have brew in our names...

    I'm the OG brews though..;):laughing:

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