Lost my friends think they got arrested

Discussion in 'General' started by Hella Dope, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. So last night was pretty fucked up. Me and a few friends went out smoking in my buddys car and ended up copping 3 more grams after our first sesh and kept smokig in thsi empty parking lot next to 7-11 we were playing that game where you try and hold your hit in until the joint makes it back to you ( can someone remind me what that game is called?) anyways i was completely fried and i took my hit and went inside the 7-11 for a cookie and tea little did i know i was still holding my hit in from that game and a i was browsing the cookies, high as fuck the employee is staring at me and i let out a huge cloud of smoke in the store. He flips the fuck out and says hes calling the cops so i dip ( cookie in hand, fml) and run back to the car and tell everyone the cops are coming literally a secod later a cop pulls in and we dip im pretty sure they ditched the car and i ended up sleeping against a water heater that night. Really worried about my friends just needed to get this story off my chest. Havent been contacted by any of my friends yet.
  2. Maybe i should have put this jn the real life story thread? Sorry
  3. Kill your partner hahaha that's what me n my buds call it atleast
  4. me and my friends call that game taxi
  5. Games called baseball. Now about all this other nonsense, your fucked hah
  6. We call it chicago here.
  7. Thats it! Where you from?
  8. Yah I've always called it Chicago as well. From CT.

  9. jersey
  10. Yeah im from FL, the game chicago ended up jumbling my brain and fucked me up that night lol. I think im in huge trouble with my friends wether they are straight or not. Anyone got any advice on how to deal with them when the time comes? Its obviously my fault
  11. Ive heard it called round robin or just "that game'
  12. whys it called chicago ? :laughing: it couldnt have originated from here, ive never heard of it..

    anyway.. you hear anything from your friends yet?
  13. It should be called "Killing Brain Cells".
  14. No man no facebook activity no phone calls. They had some of my unmentionable in my backpack in the car so i really dont know if they got searched or what would happen if they did get searched..
  15. sounds like they got hit.. im sure they woulda called and swapped stories atleast if they hadent
  16. Dude the driver was on probation im gonna get my fuckin ass beat
  17. why?

    theres no way that cop there cause of you alone.. you ran out as soon as dude said he was callin the cop, now unless in the few seconds it took you to get outside, he called..and dispatch reported it to the police AND that cop happened to be right outside then that cop was probably just there to buy some donuts.. and you guys ran like idiots :laughing:

    dude was on probation.. he knew the risk.. no fault but his own
  18. Ya but its my fault for releasing the hit in the store i might have got everyone fucked for my mistake
  19. read my post again and realize that cop wasnt there because you released that hit in the store
  20. damn, you must have been high as fuck

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