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lost my fat bag of herb

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokeallday, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. god im so pissed, earlier i picked up off my mate and smoked a couple bowls. my dads really stingy about me taking weed in the house so i put the bag of weed in my pencil case, and put it under these huge bushes noone would ever look in a guys front garden down the end of my street. there is no way someone would look there unless they knew something was there, it was also pretty much dark around that time too. any suggestions on where it might be lol, i was pretty blazed earlier as it was my 1st time smoking in like 2 weeks so theres a very small chance i misplaced the weed somehow..

  2. dude, come on now.
  3. look on the bright side, you probably made someones day

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  4. i havnt got any left and just bought that bag earlier today
  5. har har u farked arp
  6. unless it was some old kunt who reported it to the police LOL
  7. Smoking that shit right now OP...and when I'm done...that pencil case fits my PAX perfectly. Where'd you get this shit? It tastes gooood!!
  8. Quit being a pussy and hide it in our room.
    Nope someone saw you putting it there or found the weed, went and picked up the weed and is now sitting at home smoking at as you should be.
    Dumb thread. Learn from your experiences young grass hopper. 
  10. You could have got really high and put it somewhere else..I've done it a million times
  11. feel better bro. There are much worse things that could have happened to you than losing a bag of weed.
 jk. your life sucks
  12. its a possibility because i was stoned to shit.. but i just cant think where else i would have put it
    Might as well stop thinking about it and go re-up
  14. havnt got the money man.. atleast on the bright side i only bought 35$ worth instead of a full eighth which was what i was gunna do
  15. #15 BurnAFewDown, Feb 11, 2014
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    Do you really think any of us know where its at when your the one that hid it and none of us know where you live.

    The level of helplessness on this site is skyrocketing.
  16. "You should be punished for doing such thing,one does not simply loses a bag of weed"-Bob Marley
  17. woah this is weird.! i was walking down my neighborhood today and found a pencil box in the bushes so decided to grab it for my brother. i was really surprised when i openend it. thanks op.!
  18. fair play to you man, the idiot who hid it there must have been, well, an idiot. on that day atleast. but i dont know why youre saying thanks op, i didnt have a pencil box
  19. #19 rain dancer, Feb 11, 2014
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    Coincidentally, I found a bag of weed in the bushes by my house in a pencil case.

    I said, well thank ya jesus!



    That sux you lost your shit.

  20. gunna look again in the morning when its light

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