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Lost my bong to my dad.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marcothor, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Last night I went for a drive with my friend, We smoked a couple of bowls of OG Kush, and a Joint :smoke:

    After that, I dropped my friend at his house and went back home.. I though my dad was at a family party. When I got home he was there. I had no Visine and My eye were red as hell! he Knew i was high, started telling me how hes disappointed in me, even tho he smokes daily and he knows I know.

    He asked for the keys of my car ( my punishment, he pays Insurance ), I didn't think about my Bong being in the backseat.

    This morning, I found the bag that the bag was in on the ground and The bong broken in the garage.. He still didn't talk to me yet..
    This was the first time he caught me smoking weed, I always said when I was younger (14-15) I was never gonna smoke.. Hope he doesn't over react..

    Il'l let you guys know what will happen.

    20$ bong :(
  2. Buy bat.

    Lose your dad
  3. So, I got back from work, and my dad said to go in the garage. I went, Got in, he had a joing in a pair of tweezers and said here you go. He just left without any other thing to say.

    It was some dank :smoke:
    got high as hell, hope it happens again tommorow..
  4. Lol nice... Buy a pipe or something to smoke from. Its easier to hide... Thats IF he doesn't let you smoke still... If he does though... Start a bong collection haha
  5. Stoner guilt. Probably felt super bad after he broke your bong.
  6. Damn! Your pops smokes and he destroyed such a nice piece? Thats terrible.

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