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  1. lmfao yea i lost it...well more like forgot where i put it.
    i usually carry it in my backpack to work so i can toke after work at the park or something. but maybe a day or 2 ago. left it in the back yard sorta just stuck it with some random stuff.

    heres what happened i think.

    A) its too dark to look for it now.
    B)someone moved it from original spot ( or i moved it and forgot :p)
    C) i left it at work! :eek:
  2. you.got.jacked.
  3. You're dumb.
  4. Those damn gnomes got yours too?
  5. that is completely absurd.
  6. if its any of the above, you're an idiot...

    actually, regardless you're an idiot. sorry...
  7. Do you have LoJack??
  8. *WHEW* found it haha. dad moved it into a box so it wouldent get rained on.

    so i cleaned it for the first time EVER its looks brand spankin new now :D
    bad thing is i lost the bowl :eek: but hey now i get to go visit the head shop for a new one.also remember that mmj patients get 10% off wooo hooo:hello:
  9. always check behind your monitor 

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