lost my best friends..damn i still feel sad as hell

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  1. ok I had three little shitzu"s  two were sisters and the other guy was their daddy..had the little sister and her father pass away on me a while back and for some reason even though its been over a year I cant get over them being gone..i still have the other sister, she is 10 years old going on 11 and I love her to death she leeps with me all the time and we are the best of friends..but im just still having a hell of a time getting over loseing her daddy and sister...I sit and still cry all the time over both of them and its just so damn hard to accept...they were my life..has anyone ever went through this?..a lot of times I will go to where they are buried in the yard and just sit there and talk to them like they are still here and can hear me...is it normal to go without your best friends for such a long time and still not be able to fully cope with it?...I cant even bear to look at their pictures without breaking down....I feel so sad right now....

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    It's never easy to lose a pet. They're family. I still get sad over the pets I've had in the past that are gone now. It's been two years since my last canine friend passed away and I still miss him like it was yesterday.

    The last one had bone cancer, so we had him put down. The ripe old age of 17. Ironic, considering the fact that his name was Bonehead. He suffered so badly before we had him put down. I'll never forget that look he gave me as he slipped away. It was the most loving and thankful look I've ever seen.

    Just remember them how they were, and all the good times you had. At least now they won't ever suffer again. You showered them with love and affection while they were here, that's the most you could have done.
    So sweet. Pets have always been a part of my life and I still remember and miss the first dog I ever had...I was just barely in kindergarten and he got cancer and we had to put him to sleep when he was just 7. I agree though, you gave them all the love you had and that's what really matters. 
  4. oh no...so damn sorry to hear that. i hope that you find solace and comfort in the years to come. i know just how you feel. i have a little black shitzu named Lilly {nick name for "a little bit of shangri la"} and she is simply amazing. she is a cuddler and a lover. as a puppy though she was known as black bart the stinky little fart and was forever getting in lots of trouble. we also have a pekapoo named Bella. she weighs 14 pounds and Lilly weighs 7 pounds.
    i also had a pekingese named Breezey {nick name for "a breezey day in shangri la"} who died at 4 years of age. i loved that little dog so so so much and she was by far the best little puppy i have ever had. so aware and loving. she looked so goofy to and had this amazing personality to match her goofy look. i still feel sad and on the rare occasion i get teary eyed from thinking of her. one of the weirdest yet most adorable things was that when we first got her, she would stand up on her hind legs to poop. another is when we gave her a bath for the first time, she had this ridiculous looking dome looking noggin. i thought that she might have been retarded like doggy down syndrome or something lol!!
    with that said, you have the condolenses of my family {including our two little puppy dogs} and we all hope that you had many incredible adventures and memories with them.
    as crazy as it is i feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be sad in this way. it takes special friends to create a bond with that kind of love. for that i am an extremely lucky guy.
  5. You'll never forget them. You may stop thinking about them, but they will always be in the back of your mind.
    Enjoy the times you have with the one you have left. Cherish being able to hold, her or him, smelling him, feeling him, their bark
    I still have my doggys collar. He dropped dead in front of me. We were outside smoking, he was waiting by the door for us to return, I still miss him three years ago

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