Lost Love. Your Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by 420And69Rock, May 4, 2011.

  1. What do you guys think on lost love? Is it better to have loved and lost or to not have loved at all? Like i cant stop thinking of this super hot girl i met over break. It started out as a one night stand and it turned into something more. We started meeting up daily we talked and now i just realized i really liked her! what should i do? ps i cant remember her last name i only know her full name so cant add her on fb and she even gave me her last name i forgot :p
  2. Wow, Im like in the same situation. It sucks but just go on with your life. I rather not Love at all then have Lost Love.
  3. no disrespect but it sounds more like a crush to me. there truly is nothing like the real thing, and though losing it is the worst thing that can happen, it is much better to have loved than never at all.

    love will always bring memories to cherish and experience to help us grow
  4. Don't lie to us, we all know you just want some more pussy
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    Thts half the reason, but dude i really do still like her and u r right about it not being full blown love but a really huge mutual crush. Eh may as well live life like usual keep the memories but stay in the present. I always used to tell myself even b4 this ; Don't despair over what is lost, cherish what it was.
  6. Move on - mooning over lost love is pointless, there's PLENTY of other women out there in the world (they outnumber men you know), and no woman wants to hear about how you're pining way for some other chick.

  7. haha dude i dont tell other chicks about how im waiting for her even though i really like her i still hook up with other chicks. Even when im with sum 1 i still hook up with other chicks some times. Don't hate bout tht part

  8. Oh c'mon how can you like that girl if at the first place you forgot her full name. Move on dude. :smoke:

  9. I did more or less i mean im still doing my usual thing as in hooking up with random girls. but i mean i just cant get her out of my fuckin head.

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