Lost job for buying weed! What now? Cant support family

Discussion in 'General' started by DMX, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Someone very close to me, has lost their job.
    The company has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. He was buying weed and they had cameras.
    There was a big bust at the place he was geting it from Which happened to be in the same building he worked in for 20 years. And the person ratted out everone that he sold to.
    Theres not much trouble with the police, but he got fired for buying pot, after 20 years of working there.... Has 4 kids and a wife to support. I feel so bad. Dont know what to do or say. Its just so fucked up how he lost his job just because of weed. im sure he will find another job, but damm. He has a whole family to support.

    Any opinions, comments, please. Feel free.
  2. I think he was silly and irresponsible for jeopardizing so much to fuel a drug habit.
  3. hahah,yeah,he shoulda maybe bought his weed from is home ,or anywhere off his job's premises xD

    kinda like the same idea how you don't buy weed on your school's premises.your walking thin ice,you know what mean?
  4. Well it seem like he wasn't thinking about his wife and kid when buying weed at work. No matter what never bring that stuff to work or do anything related to it at work. When they say zero tolerance. They mean it.
  5. 1.) I agree with the above posts, I wouldn't buy weed at my work / close to my work.
    2.) Wife doesn't have a job? Sounds like it's time to get one.

    It sucks to get into trouble for something that is safer and healthier than a lot of these perscription drugs, alcohol, etc. However it's still the law and he knew the job place rules with weed. It's his fault, gotta find another job.
  6. Damn man who buys weed at work? Too sketch man too sketch

    Idk what he should do, that's a tough situation. Maybe get a job at a related company?
  7. It really sucks that he lost his job over a flower, but he knew this would happen should he get caught. It's a shitty situation either way, as they have a family to support, but they should have known that and covered their tracks in the first place. Also, I HATE rats. Regardless of how much pressure the authorities put on the dealer, he shouldn't have turned around and ratted out his clientele. I hope he gets his in the pen (the rat, that is):mad:

    At my place of work almost everyone smokes, those who do not are at least open about MJ use. Nobody rats on anyone, we are one big family. That family also includes multiple people who grow, sell, live with people who sell MJ and other drugs, etc. It is accessible to almost every employee, on almost any given work day. Hell, many of my co-workers show up/smoke on the job daily, and the supervisors know this and still do nothing. Of course, our drug testing policy is about as lax as it gets...you are asked if you use drugs upon applying for employment. That's it.
    If my employer suddenly decided to fire every employee who failed a drug test, they wouldn't have a work force anymore, and would have to train 30-40 new employees, slowing the business down, losing them money, and ultimately losing their contracts with the businesses which we work for. Thus, the employees and the employer have a sort of "balance of power" in which we are reliant upon one another much more so than most companies. God I love being an independent contractor :cool:
  8. He could try calling the company and see if they will let him back with some sort of restriction? Such as some kind of treatment class or drug testing for a period of time? Might work or they might just tell him fuck you

  9. but to be fair the law he was breaking was a bullshit one.

    these are the kinds of fucked up stories that really show why MJ should be legal
  10. i smoke weed at work all the time.

    Catch is, ima construction worker. :)
  11. Doesn't matter. This was a man with a wife and kids that depended on his income for their livelihood. He knew he his company had a zero-tolerance policy and he still chose to break the law right under his company's nose.
  12. He should look into getting on unemployment. if he can get on unemployment , after 20 years, they did him a favor.

  13. Im sure you buy weed in sketchy ways all the time too.
  14. Not at work with cameras :rolleyes:
  15. Yeah, but I don't have a wife and kids who depend on my income to live. Nor would I knowing how much is at stake.
  16. My opinion is he just fucked his family over because he wanted a lil buzz. not good.
  17. I know how you feel OP.
    Two old bosses of mine are possibly in
    jeopardy for losing their job over nothing
    because they simply are the veterans and
    get more money in the company.

    Families to support and everything.

    You just gotta send them good vibes, offer
    help if they need it and hope they come out
    on the other side...with a pro herb job.
    (Wishful thinking there)
  18. Why would you buy weed at work?
  19. Why do people always say this kind of stuff? Why even make these sort of assumptions?

    Guess what, I think it was a VERY poor decision to make a drug exchange anywhere near their place of employment. It's just not smart. I ONLY do exchanges in safe, private locations. There are a plethora of smarter alternatives than a place of employment.

    I think cannabis laws (and employer's discriminatory drug policies) are unjust, but it doesn't mean I would blame anyone but myself if I ever got busted.
  20. This is such a tough economy and jobs are SOOOO hard to come by these days, it behooves anyone who is actually employed to do whatever they can to keep their jobs. If that means meeting someone AFTER work somewhere off premises to do your deals, that's what you should do.

    It seems like common sense to me, what do I know. I mean I'm sorry the guy got canned, but guess what I've been in a situation similar - when I was a property manager for some buildings down town we caught our head maintenance guy drinking on the job. I had to give him a verbal and written warning, he promised not to do it again.

    Guess what, two weeks later, I had to fire him for the same thing.

    Someone with a family should have known better. While I have some sympathy, it was a pretty stupid move in the first place.

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