Lost in Montreal

Discussion in 'General' started by e_eggs, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Just got into Montreal tonight, just wondering where everything is. Me and a buddy are staying at some Belle Hotel in town and we are looking for a bar or headshop or something. Any one know of anything?
  2. you should google it cause google has maps
  3. I don't know any french, and it would be easier if a local could tell us where it's happening. Thanks

  4. Strip Clubs in Montreal FTW.
  5. I was there over the weekend. I picked up a sick bong at la rock, I forget where it was but it was closer to stdanine street, could have been on st catherines, but the prices were really good and the guy sold us some good bud too at average price ($25 a half quarter).
    There are a couple on st danine street, aswell as one or two on st katherine (high times, and another smoke shop a couple stores down). On st danine there was also a shisha bar. Alot of the souvineer stores sell pieces, my friend went into one looking for a shot glass and I ended up getting a sick colourchanging bub for $30. I cant remember the name of that particular store though. Its a nice city, have fun.
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  7. montreal is a great city...strip clubs EVERYWHERE!! also, all the locals speak english fluently, its called french canada but i had no problem gettin around and i can't speak a word of french. check out St. Catherine, has a shitload of stores on it, one of em bound to sell pieces lol
  8. Sounds good eveybody, Thanks!

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