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  1. So I've been reading and researching for a while now, and have been trying to come up with basically a diy hlg550 equivalent.

    It's going in a 5x5 tent.

    I'm stuck trying to decide because there's so much information.

    Also looking for led boards I can source from Alibaba. Will likely go with some variant of a meanwell power supply.

    I have a electronics background and am totally fine with building my own.

    Any tips or advice would be great

  2. If you don't mind, check this light out. No need to assemble the parts. Three pcs can cover 5x5 well and offer enough power.
  3. Thanks! I've actually been eying those. Id still really like to build my own but they are certainly a good looking option. I've had some mars lights in the past and have never had any trouble with them.
  4. You could check out Samsung modules too
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  5. This is the newest quantum board LED with SMD tech. It is better than the blurple LED that you have used before. :love-m3j::love-m3j:
  6. I see they use Epistar chips, what can you share about them? They look okay assuming the leds preform reasonably.
  7. Yes, it is Epistar chips. But there are 684pcs chips and the draw power is around 230W. That mean the power of each led is only 0.34W. In this way, the lifespan can be extended a lot.
  8. Definitely; that is basicly the same as Spyderx plus. So 4 of those fixtures would be rough equivalent to 1 Spyderx plus.
  9. Yes, those and a meanwell power supply is what I was looking at.

    Maybe you can help me, what modules and power supplies (and how many of each) should I run to cover veg and flower in a 5x5 tent? I have no issue mounting them, I have pretty much a full metal fabrication shop at my disposal, so mounting some stuff on a sheet of aluminum doesn't scare me. And I'm very familiar with Ac and DC power so wiring doesn't bother me at all. I'm just stuck on figuring out what the best bang for the buck is.
  10. Best Samsung Modules are H Influx. Probably best value is F Series. I'd get 4 ft modules. Dealers choice on spectrum. If you're going to do veg/flower I'd do 3500K or 4000K. Or do their new Horticulture Board. It's 6500K plus 660nm red and then alternate with 3000K Hinflux or F series.
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  11. Four pcs draw 920W. They can cover 4x8 well. I think three pcs can be the same as Spyderx Plus. :confusedalt:
  12. I was going by the quanity of leds. SpyderX has 2100ish leds.
  13. Okay, There are 684 pcs leds for one SP250. So four pcs have 2736 pcs. :love-mj:
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  14. Do not ever count quantity of LEDs or theoretical max of each LED.... How we end up with these BS stats.... only go by actual watts and efficiency of those watts coupled with a PPFD chart
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  15. Cours 101 sur le wattage des leds,
    A square led cob full spectrum of 100 watts is an assemblage of 100
    led units of one watt,
    it is rate at 30 to 32 volts dc max.
    at 32 volts it passe 3.5 amp/h
    so the wattage is 32 volts x 3.5 amp/h = 112 watts
    i drive mine at 29 volts, i am satisfy of the heat it does, and the light power
    it have,
    ,so 29 volts at 1.25 amp/h equal 36.25 watts,
    i have 12 led cobs of 100 watts so it mean 1200 watts
    but at 29 volts it drive 435 watts hour,
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  16. Here's a good link for strip builds .
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  17. Whose got the horticulture boards for sale
  18. Any reason to pick these over the other Mars offerings like the tsw 2000 or tsl 2000?
  19. You can get some good bang for your buck . Building your own lights is the way to go.
    I'm going build something with them one day

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