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lost connect :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by catpuchino, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. I had a Craigslist connect that went to dispensaries for me & he/she traded me 7 grams for a iphone 4 that was working when I gave it to them and they restored it and apparently it doesn't work now they want there tree or money back

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  2. Any proof the iPhone doesn't work?

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  3. Buyers remorse on their part

    Black market exchanges are non refundable.

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  4. Nah fuck that sounds like he either fucked it up and feels like a dumbass or hes trying to scam you and basically get an iphone for free
    Did you show hime the phone before the exchange? Like swipe it open, unlock it, scroll around ect..because you always should so things like this cant happen
  5. Probably tried to jailbreak it and fucked it up.
  6. #6 DankHerbologist, Feb 13, 2014
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    Lol, tell that craigslist fuck boy to go elsewhere.
    Unless, you actually need that connect.  either way, theres no refund on trees. when does that ever happen?
    I would bet you money that if the roles were switched he wouldnt be so quick to trade you back
  7. If he doesn't know where you live then tell him to fuck off. And if he does know where you live well then you have to kill him. That's the only way around this

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  8. Tell him NOPE!
  9. sorry to hear that man
  10. Considering that you probably stole that phone or it probably didnt work 60 bucks worth of weed for 500 dollar phone seems fishy.

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  11. He actually started to threaten me because he knows where I live and I had to call my coke dealer homie to come cause he has a mac because he said he was outside my house

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