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  1. I am growing, and determined to get this down. Seeing plants suffer because of my lack of experience is difficult. My first batch was not great, my second has already suffered from my rookieness.
    Although it is my second batch I am focusing, the deep water culture hydro and they are enormousness and more beautiful than I would have expected. But, I damaged it with too much nutrients. Learning from mistakes is important I am keeping some notes and a calendar. I feel like I could do more and be a better caretaker to my garden.
    Learning after the fact stings because all the reading, asking questions and research has become more than a hobby.
    At the same time I focus on the damage done to the beautiful hydro plants, I look to the left and I have two in soil, which I guess is my third batch, that are looking perfect. I am so happy when I see them because my first batch was soil and suffered so badly. So, my third batch looks great having a soil buffer for nutrient absorption and will benefit from my experience from batch one.
    As the grow continues I am hoping for greater success. :hide:

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