Lost Bowl, Blame Hoffman

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  1. So this past Monday, 9/14, I did acid for the fourth time. I had two blotters of white fluff that supposedely had double the amount of micrograms of LSD on it, compared to the normal amount of micrograms on blotter. The tabs came from a dealer who gets his cid from the Family. So taking two hits of this is comparable to taking 4-5 hits. I dosed at 4:30 and went skateboarding. After 40 or 45 minutes, I started to feel a little fluffy, and twenty minutes after that I was starting to trip. My mom was going out at six thirty for the night, my pupils were already the size of dinner plates so I told her that I was going to "nap" for a while. When she left, two of my boys came over and we smoked, jammed out and went on a walk in the woods. At around 7:30 I noticed that I had not seen my bowl since we had smoked it an hour earlier. It wasn't in the side yard where we had hit it, it wasn't in my room, so me and my friends sweeped my whole house looking for the piece. It wasn't anywhere to be found! We truthfully looked in every room, everywhere probally five times. I was scared shitless that my mom would come home and find it in a random ass spot. The funny thing is, I always know where my shit is, I take care of my stuff. This was the first time I had ever lost a piece, somewhere in my own house! So I was freaking out and it started to become a bad trip because I couldn't focus on anything else accept trying to find the bowl, but we COULDN'T! I had been striaght with my parents for over a year and I was not looking forward to this fucking our relationship up. Night fell, I came down, nostalgic of all the geometeries my mind had produced, and I still hadn't found the bowl.

    The next day when I got home from school, my parents acted the same as they usually do, which meant they hadn't found it. I kept looking and looking but had no luck! Wednesday came and the same thing happened, which was nothing, the bowl was nowhere to be seen. I asked my friends to check their bags to see if it accidentally was in there. They both checked numerous times with no luck. Then this morning before school, my buddy texted me telling me he had found it in his bag! I was so happy and relieved, the weight of the world came rushing off of my shoulders. The strange thing is, is that we had looked in his bag at my house and it wan't there, he had looked in his bag at his house and it wasn't there, but this morning it was and thats all that matters.

    If you listen to Tool, they have a song called "Lost Keys Blame Hoffman", and now i can completely relate to that.

    Doing acid on a school night isn't the best idea, but the randomness of the experience made me reevaluate who I am, and what I want to be. I feel cleansed and I feel that I am in a good mindset eversince. The whole experience was just humbling.

    Thanks for reading
  2. Nice man, you were able to handle that pretty well though man. I would not have even cared about the bowl while tripping. But it's always nice to get something back that you thought you'd never see again. cheers on coming out of it with a better mindset:hello:

    I don't have nearly as good of judgment on this as you would but it kind of sounds like your friend just wanted to borrow your piece for a bit and was hoping you wouldn't notice. If you friend doesn't have a piece of his own then it would make more sense too. Anyway it's good to know he returned it, a valued friend either way.
  3. Dont you just love finding stuff?
    my friends have lost a half of dank before and we were so lucky to find it in thick grass in a random ass spot haha. Feels great when stuff like that happens.
  4. Thanks for the positive vibes bro!:)

  5. That's nice, but I thought tool insulted pot and at the same time sucked. Unless I don't understand the lyrics properly, but a lot of bass does not equal good music.

    That was some pretty good shit that you found your bowl though.

    Bada Bump.
  6. [quote name='Parliament']That's nice, but I thought tool insulted pot and at the same time sucked. Unless I don't understand the lyrics properly, but a lot of bass does not equal good music.

    The members of Tool used(I dont know if they still do) psychdelics like DMT, Ketamine, LSD, Mush, t heir music in my opinion is very reflective, they propose anger instead of hate. Its really just a matter of taste when it comes to them. I am also pretty sure they promote psychdelic experiences, listen to "third eye" with the Bill Hicks clip in the begininng. Also, Alex Grey does their artwork for the most part, if you haven't checked his shit out you need to, its awesome. I don't think they suck, I think they are good because their lyrics make me think and question, and that is the purposeof good music.
  7. I'm gonna look that shit up on YouTube. If I remember I'll post back how it goes.
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    Listen to this properly medicated, or not, when I listen to Tool a lot of times, I plug my headphones in and close my eyes and just let my mind be. None of the Art in the video is Alex Greys, but just random trippy images

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qSOhaV3-is&feature=related]YouTube - TOOL - Third Eye part 1[/ame]

    Also check out "disposition"

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