Lost Blades And Name Changes

Discussion in 'General' started by Pickle McSmurf, May 21, 2013.

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    I thought it would be a good idea to have a thread for listing all the blades who have left since the forum change, and also a list of blades who have changed their names. Some of yall are confusing the shit out of me, if it wern't for keeping the same avatar/sig I'd have no idea who you are :confused_2:
    edit: hey cool, 5000 posts :smoking:

  2. nice exact 5000 posts
  3. If you navigate to My Profile, in the right column under my likes value (green box) is a box labeled User Tools. In it is a link " Display name history" that you can click on in order to my previous username, KenjaminK, or you can read my sig, or realize that you already know. ;) Now you know how to find other people's previous usernames too, though.  :smoke:  ^_^ 
  4. Wait we can change usernames now?
    Yes , through : My Settings > Display Name 
  6. I'll forever be known as OscarZetaAcosta "The Truth." :cool:
  7. I've been thinking about changing my name to KangarooFish  ^_^
  8. i changed, then changed my name back haha
    ill always be the kiefsweat.
  9. Dont know shit.
  10. Pronouns rock.  :rolleyes:
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    YOU are a

  12. Art Vandalay, i'm sure you all know this face of terror tho
  13. i would never consider changing my username. been here since 4/05. I am the Dude.
  14. Haven't changed mine. What happened to rep and join date though?
  15. Just changed mine lol. Y'all will never know!
  16. I changed mine....you guys are fucked at trying to figure it out
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    The 2 or tm?

    Or no didn't you have an @ symbol?
  18. Somehow the changes have made me not log in for a week...
    My names the same!!!  :hello:
  19. i added the squared symbol haha
  20. I could always go backk...If I can figure out how to make this and Facebook NOT CONNECT.

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