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Lost bag of weed???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dachrons, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Okay heres the story i made a scret pocket in my winter coat thats where i keep my weed shit so i smoked a bowl last night and im pretty sure i cashed it completly so i put the rest of the nug back in its baggi then put it into the sock and then put the sock and everything back in my coat today i come home and their ash and little bit of crisped green in the bowl the sock is still there but the bag is not. I have a strong feeling my dad stole my weed i know he used to smoke when he was my age but he doesnt now i dont think in any event hes the only one home during the day and i just lost a nice nugget of cali kush!!! Very upset searcjed my room for hours looking for that bag and he didnt say anything to me like hey look wht i found in your room or nothing so..
  2. I would just be happy to know that my dad smokes, why you trippin?

    Since you got a decent hookup it sounds like he wouldnt mind throwing down for you to get a bag for the two of you to share. Its a good bonding experience. :smoke:

  3. I'll come over and check your house, don't worry.

    But seriously, it will turn up? You better hope it does, because if it doesn't, you know that someone else found it. I hate losing things around my house, and knowing that any second one of my family members could stumble upon a joint that I forgot about etc..

    Nothing much to do but to look around the most possible spot you would have put it. Can't really help you.

  4. yes. i smoke about twice a week with my dad and it helps with bonding
  5. The moment I find im missing herb or one my pieces/grinder/ or tools. I head over to my sisters room first. If she don't have it, has to be one of my parents. MJ helps us bond closer, but damn.... fights/lying about if they took shit pisses me off. But yeah, i would check the room and see if you misplaced it. maybe you smoked it and not realized it?
  6. I deffiantly put it back in the sock if my dad smoked it i wish he would just tell me im not gunna go to him and be like did you take my bud? Cus if he didnt take it then i just bent myself over and fuckd myself haha! But i will do a mor extensive search tommorow i guess. I mean ive never lost bud in my 1.5 years of toking its deffo been taken i dont know how my spot are unbelievably imposdible to find un less your told. O well ill figure it out
  7. hmmm... in that case.. maybe check the pocket and the place where you put it... i know that in one of my jackets it hasa false pocket that leads into the real one sorta.. and sometimes shit falls through one into tthe other, and i can never find it till i put the jacket on, and check by hand every square inch of every possible pocket.
  8. no it was taken i searched every inch of my jacket and every sock i own that weed was taken :(
  9. This.
  10. retrace your steps. i lost a bag on night at a festival due to a bitch yelling cops when no cops were coming. anyway we started putting our shit away and walking off.

    5 hours later i go to my room to hit a bowl and my bag of a few Gs was gone. next morning me and my friend went to look for it cause we hadnt shit else to do. so we find it on a sidewalk flattned, all ran over by feets and bikes. but the budd was still there just turned into shake. tasted fine and got us high, then we rode go karts haha.
  11. losing weed happends to alot of us ive lost proboly half ounce a year unfortunetley but i find it and smoke it still

  12. fixed :smoke:
  13. Ive never lost a bag of weed before. but i have had a friend spill my bag of weed and we never found it.

    i also one morning rolled a fat blunt and went outside on my porch to smoke it. well when i went to light it a gust of wind hit me and the blunt fell out of my hand and in between the porch wood. i have a high porch so theres no way of me getting it. that happened the other day so i'm still kinda mad about it.
  14. i think you were just high and didnt realize you smoked it
  15. haha I wish that was true. That was supposed to be my wake n bake.

  16. damn ***** :smoking:

    a gust of wind?
  17. first off I was really concentrated on geting high. So I had actually got the blunt cherry and was about to take a puff when gust of wind came it scared the shit out of me. Then that's when I droped the bunt.

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